YouTube Sponsorship for Small Channels

YouTube Sponsorship for Small Channels

YouTube Sponsorship for Small Channels

YouTube Sponsorship for Small Channels



Are you looking forward to getting YouTube Sponsorship?

Is your YouTube fan base helpful in partnering with sponsors?

How to build up YouTube channel growth to expose the sponsors at a glance?

If you’re a content creator, this article will help to understand how you can get YouTube sponsorship for small channels. 


You may notice that there are a lot of interesting ways to get your YouTube channel noticed. Sponsors eventually look for how you attract and engage the audience. Before approaching sponsorship deals you definitely want YouTube subscribers, so be sure to read all of the articles we have online if you need more information! 

Build A Backlog Of Content

We understand that in the beginning, you may not be sure which content you want to make. Therefore we would like to provide you with some inspiration below that will definitely get you started.



Whenever there is a new visitor to your channel, it’s important to have more content available on the most searched topics, and if your content relates to what they are searching for they are likely to subscribe to your channel.


The priority should be content quality and increasing the number of subscribers because if brands are reaching out to you for collaboration the first thing they will look at your channel is the subscribers and they will see if the content is engaging or not. They will try associating your channel with their brand? Is the creator proficient enough to create content? Without a portfolio of your work, you can’t hope to get YouTube sponsorship for your smaller channels.


Create Quality Content

YouTube ensures higher quality content in general. It’s okay if you are a beginner in creating content, you should continue doing it as practice makes a man perfect. A greater improvement in your content will show a great number of skills you have and the hard work you did. This will attract viewers to engage with your content and brands to think about collaborating with you.


Before getting sponsored, you need quality content on your channel that’s consistently helping you to get more views because sponsorships don’t come for free, it’s an exchange, meaning that the brands benefit from sponsoring you.


The only way they benefit from sponsoring you is if your viewers are engaged with your content?. Do they enjoy watching your videos? Do they like what you’re uploading on your channel?.


Sponsors look for a happy audience that can be marketed for You can’t get YouTube sponsorship for small channels unless your channel is worth marketing to.

Make It Fit

When you are doing sponsorship, make sure that you collaborate with the brands which are a real fit for your niche and most importantly your audience. Because if the product placement doesn’t really fit or make sense in the context of the channel your viewers won’t like it and may unsubscribe if you continue doing the same.


The only time you should be able to get sponsorship from products and brands that aren’t related to the content is when the brand is looking for a widespread appeal and you have a build your channel in kind as if there won’t be a big loss. 

For instance, Dollar Shave Club is a frequent sponsor of LinusTechTips.


The world of tech is largely dominated by males as seen statistically. Since these males are younger tech-savvy, they’re also looking for interesting ways to save money not just on tech, but on day-to-day life. While a smaller tech channel probably shouldn’t be pulling a sponsorship like this as it won’t appeal to all of their viewers larger channels like LinusTechTips can operate under a wider umbrella.


Now, your focus is getting YouTube sponsorship for small channels. Therefore, you should stick with products and services that fit with what you’re covering, whether that’s travel, food, beauty, or fashion.


types of influencers


Getting Sponsored

Affiliate Sponsorships

The easiest way to get sponsored is by getting affiliate sponsorships, but it also can be the least profitable one. Affiliate sponsorships work through the distribution of affiliate links and affiliate codes. Basically, these affiliate links and codes can be used by your viewers to get discounts or provide you with more responses because you have been sharing products discounts with your audience.


Affiliate links


One form of affiliate sponsorships is by simply giving out a code for a site that provides a discount, usually anywhere from 5 to 15 percent. Your viewers are interested in shopping for that product or site it will be a good incentive to use these codes. In some cases, you might not earn from this, but brands will see how much revenue they received from the traffic you generated for them, and reward you accordingly.


Another form of affiliate sponsorship is through an affiliate link. These can work similarly to affiliate codes, but they can also benefit you as a content creator depending on what that site wants in return is traffic and not sales.

Product Sponsorships

This can be a difficult form of YouTube sponsorship for small channels, but it’s a manner of growing your channel, especially if you’re running a channel with an aim to expand. These types of content creators that are benefited from product sponsorships for example “review channels”. For instance, Beauty YouTubers typically grow by doing makeup tutorials and product reviews. But by getting sponsorships, they get free review copies of products to review for their channels.



This doesn’t just apply to beauty, either: as long as the product fits with your channel you can get a sponsorship deal, and how you’re promoting that product on your channel.


For the foodies out there, a lot of your favorite restaurants or cafe reviewers can generate brand awareness and enjoy the benefits of being recognized as a part of food channel, which allows them to receive food at their home or an invite at the restaurant so there’s a review for the of the place, ambiance and the food to record and upload.

Paid Sponsorships

Finally, this is the highest form of sponsorship where the brands just pay you to talk about them their products/ services. You can mention this in the form of brief advertising spots like at the middle and/or end of videos. It is important to note that from this form of sponsorship you will earn the most money, but it’s also not the easiest one you need to put in lots of time and hard work.


This may not be completely durable as YouTube sponsorship for small channels, but it can be a goal to work toward, with the help of other forms of sponsorship and channel growth. 


Remember whatever it may be, you need to start somewhere.

Platforms That Can Help

Influencer Marketing is booming in the air nowadays many brands and influencers use these platforms to collaborate, promote, and earn. This form of YouTube sponsorship for small channels works through affiliate and product sponsorships. This is one of the easiest ways to make those connections.


Influence4You is an influencer marketing platform. Where you can signup for free as an influencer, You can start as a nano-influencer. This platform doesn’t charge a single penny to the influencer nor asks for commission. All you need to have is a social media presence with a good engagement rate and quality audience. Many brands like Dior, Amazon Prime Video, Lego, ebay, Lacoste, and others look for influencers in their niche for collaborations. 


Home page campaigns


Using this platform you can collaborate with brands in your niche and earn money by helping them to promote their products and services on social media platforms like YouTube. This kind of collaboration can also help you to grow your channel.


Sometimes, collaborating with other YouTubers can also be beneficial. In this way, you can learn from each other and there is an exchange of audience and there are chances that the other YouTuber’s audience start following you until you start hitting the point where sponsors want to work with you. It is important to build your channel and your brand simultaneously.


What you can do to get sponsored on YouTube

Reach Out to Brands On Your Own

The best way to get a sponsorship, especially for product reviews, is by reaching out to the brand or business on your own or by using Influencer marketing platforms to find out what you can do for each other. Do note that this will require having quality content, good no. of loyal followers if you want them to work with you.

Build It, And They Will Come

Quality traffic gains the attention of sponsors and brands. Once you start getting enough recognition, you’ll start receiving emails and Facebook requests from brands and businesses who want you to sponsor them and if you are a registered influencer at an influencer marketing platform the demand will increase a lot more. 


Regulations to follow

Age-restricted product

YouTube comes with many rules and regulations to follow. Hence, it is important to stay updated with the legal news that YouTube shares. As a marketer or an influencer/creator you must make sure that the video you are sponsoring does not contain any elements that could link age-restricted products to your brand.


  • In the UK, products like alcohol, smoking, vaping, and gambling, must not be advertised to the audience under 18. In order to respect the law, marketers are expected to consider the age/demographics of the influencer’s followers.

Age-restricted product



  • In the US, marketing and communications should be done only on media platforms where at least 71.6% of the audience is of the legal purchase age. Some Ads are banned over all the media platforms including television for eg, tobacco Ads. A warning statement is mandatory on all posts that show nicotine-containing products, including e-liquids.


You must take all the precautions before launching your campaign on YouTube. Unless your brand sells age-restricted products, of course.



As with any partnership between a brand and an influencer, product placements must be fairly compensated because making videos and managing a community is a full-time job.

Therefore, the brands must know how to contract with YouTubers work.

And as an influencer whenever you receive the payment, you must mention it as a “sponsored video”.

To know more about the restriction policies of YouTube, read our article here.


Learn More

Finally, you can start learning more about YouTube sponsorship for small channels and getting noticed on YouTube. To do that, head over to our blog and read up on our articles related to ranking influencers to get insights and know what the top YouTubers are doing online for greater visibility.





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