Top 10 Fashion Influencers 2022

Die Top 12 Modeinfluencerinnen 2022

Top 10 Fashion Influencers 2022

Fashion influencers are always impeccably dressed and on top of fashion trends to give their fans styling inspiration. These fashionista influencers, whether they are bloggers, YouTubers, or Instagrammers, draw huge followings and have been catching our eyes for several years now. True internet phenomena, fashion influencers share their style and wardrobes, from chic and glamour to streetwear or vintage aesthetics.

The world of social media has no secrets for these influencers à la mode. That’s why Influence4you has prepared its top fashion influencers for 2021. Discover the intimate world of these trendy and trending fashion lovers. It’s been no easy feat to decide on only 10 favorites out of all the fashion blogs out there, so bear in mind this ranking is by no means exhaustive!

Caro Daur

The most fashion happy

Germany-based fashion blogger Caro has fun dressing in different styles. What’s so cool about this girl is she’s lighthearted and you can tell she really enjoys trying on different pieces like a big scarf “because who are we kidding – they’re just fancy blankets”. Behind the stylish photos you’ll find humorously written captions commenting on her own style in a down-to-earth and refreshing tone, and uncovering a witty personality.

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Andy & Teo

The most stylish couple

This glamorous couple left their home in Sidney behind them to travel throughout Europe. Husband and wife Andy and Teo share their sharp, cool fashion on Instagram on their separate accounts, via @teobelieves and @andicsinger, where they both have their distinct styles in fashion and photography. Andy’s framing is recognizable in often showing her hands holding her phone but cutting out her head and feet. What didn’t make it onto their feed may crop up on @andiandteotravels for a more personal and less curated look into the stylish couple’s life.

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Emma Chamberlain

The most surprising

Emma’s style is bold and unpredictable, with a hint of vintage-inspired pieces. What’s even bolder is her strong, ‘don’t care’ personality. She’s been called “the funniest person” or “most popular” by the likes of The New York Times, and features on its list of The 25 Most Influential People on the Internet. You may also have seen her on the cover of Cosmopolitan, as well as on YouTube, or heard her podcast Anything Goes. On Instagram, it’s middle fingers in the air, tongue right out, no makeup breakout face, post-cry selfie or old trackies with socks and sandals … to posing for Vogue or Allure in Louis Vuitton!

The most romantic

Katie Giorgadze’s Instagram is a continued love affair with fashion, Paris, and her husband Lev Judah. From a kiss under the Eiffel Tower to tips on the best couple poses and ‘making of’ editing tutorials, there’s so much to like in this account. Not only do Katie’s photos offer perfect couple vibes, but she also writes genuine captions and has authenticity and humor to add to her charm.

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The most effortlessly elegant

Dark sunglasses and coffee in hand, UK-based influencer Hannah is always on the go with a classy coat, handbag and jeans. Her simple yet perfectly assembled outfits have earned the fashion blogger a big following and collaborations with some major brands like H&M.


The most vintage vibes

Sophia Rosemary is a Manchester fashion lover whose Instagram account is a gem for the nostalgic among us. Driven by the positive feedback her Instagram account was receiving, she started her blog to answer questions about her style and share her inspirations. Dressed in vintage pieces and often featuring her adorable golden retriever, it’s easy to forget what year we’re in! But after all, fashion is cyclical.


The most Californian style

California babe to Cowboy chic with a touch of hippie glam… Since they were launched in 2009, Julie Sariña’s blog and Instagram have become an inspiration for millions of people. What started as sharing her personal style has developed into a fashion and lifestyle brand, with her own clothing line. Living by the motto ‘Dream, Believe, Achieve’ the carefree style is both part of her clothing and an attitude, as Julie sometimes shares her own thoughts on accepting and loving her body.

Aimee Song

The most real fashion

Aimee (“rhymes with mommy”) is a fashion and interior design blogger. She posts New York Fashion Week vlogs and interior design tip videos on her YouTube channel, whilst her Instagram feed posts her looks, a mix of her own collection, Song of Style, and styling mix and match, high fashion names like Isabel Marant with high street favorites like Zara. Also the author of a bestselling book and featured in Forbes’ 30 under 30, Aimee sometimes addresses personal issues like motherhood or her body dysmorphia, a real and touching voice that keeps her close to her audience.

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Freddie Harrel

The most confidence boosting

A mum, a wife, an influencer and entrepreneur with infectious energy. Freddie is on a mission to change the beauty world and help everyone to be confident. She is also engaged in talking about race and her experience as a woman of color. You can’t get enough of the cute family vibes, her wild hair, the empowering big bright colors and the mischievous grin that goes with it all!


The most modestly fashionable

Amira’s is a unique style, it’s “fashion with a twist of modesty”. Manchester-based stylist and fashion influencer encourages experimenting with style as she does, going from All-Stars and hoodies to Ted Baker. She shares her styling tips on her blog and now YouTube, but it’s really about her journey to find a style that fits her and to spread positivity and authenticity that Modestmira strives for. That positivity is exactly what shines through in her thoughtful captions and cool photos!

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