Top 10 Sports & Fitness Influencers

Top 10 fitness and sport influencers

Top 10 Sports & Fitness Influencers

Even though fashion, beauty, and food are the most recurring themes on social media, sport and fitness have also found a growing audience on the Internet. To the extent that sports like running, crossfit, and yoga have are making a comeback.

Sports influencers not only have influence, but they also have significant engagement rates, whether they address millions of followers or a targeted smaller audience.

In fact, sportswear companies haven’t been blind to the opportunity presented by this phenomenon and multiply collaborations with these influencers, who attract both experts and newbies. We can also observe that the budget invested by brands in influencer marketing only keeps growing.

They prepare exercises every day, help us discover their sport, and give us precious advice all shared on their blogs, YouTube channels, and Instagram accounts. Influence4You uncovers its 10 top fitness and sports influencers of 2020.

Joshua Patterson

The most inspirational

Joshua is the best motivator when it comes to realizing how limitless our bodies are. Engaged in disability awareness, he often shares the stories and goals of people with disabilities as a source of fitness inspiration and gratefulness. In 2017, his brother had a motorbike accident and was told he would not walk again. In honour of his brother’s hardship, Joshua undertook a 950-mile wheelchair journey with only a few months of training. This Instagram, along with the Limitless Podcast, is truly motivating and makes you want to seize every opportunity your body gives to achieve your bucket-list dreams!


The fittest mommy

This nurse turned personal trainer is an inspiration for all mums wanting to get back in shape. What started as a blog 50lb weight-loss diary snowballed into a huge community (now more than 1 million strong) asking for fitness, training, and nutrition plans, inspiring her to specialize as a women’s fitness coach. Sia Cooper became a “fit mommy” when she started blogging again during her first pregnancy. She is the creator of the Strong Body Guide for 12-week workout and meal plans.


The most extreme photography

Climbing, slacklining, skateboarding, hiking, paragliding… These are just some of the sports this athlete indulges in on his “dream catching” travels. Californian photographer Travis Burke is an exciting Instagrammer to follow as he captures moments of intensity and sport in sublime natural environments. There’s a dialogue between sport and photography; athletic feats help him push the boundaries of his photographer’s craft, and vice versa.

Yoga With Adriene

The most positive energy

Adriene’s natural charm and positivity have made her one of the most popular yoga channels on YouTube. From her 30-day yoga journeys, 20-min sessions for beginners to focuses on the back or neck, Adriene delivers quality and feel-good yoga lessons. This channel is the place to go for all bodies and all levels to breathe, connect, and be happy. The cherry on top: Benji, Adriene’s dog, also brings his calm energy to the mix!

Conner and Parker Coffin

The most “surf porn”

Parker Coffin and his brother Conner are competitive surfers. Conner even won the Vans World Cup in 2017. The duo has a YouTube channel with lots of engagement. They share “surf porn” videos of themselves surfing huge waves, sometimes even with dolphins, around the world. However, it’s on their separate Instagram accounts that they have most followers.

Katie Ormerod

The most impressive

This girl impressed the world when she showed she could land some snowboarding tricks no other female snowboarder had ever done aged only 16. Katie Ormerod is a British professional snowboarder who is topping podiums. The 23-year-old is training for the 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing after participating in the last winter games. With some big sponsors like RedBull (who also put her on the cover of The Red Bulletin), and a growing Instagram audience, she’s the one to watch!


The most gym-fit

Elliot Burton is a great coach for those wanting to build muscle. He shares his workout routines, exercises, and even a bit of fashion and personal life, as well as raising awareness against racism and driving donations in support of equality. This influencer is a real resource when it comes to fitness training and body building: a Spotify playlist, a downloadable free training & nutrition e-book, an online coaching app, a Facebook community to help you achieve your goals and YouTube videos… this guy has got a lot to offer to help you “transform your body, mind & lifestyle”.

Sofie Dossi

The most flexible

A self-taught contortionist and gymnast, Sofie Dossi AKA “bendy girl” accelerated her fame as a finalist of America’s Got Talent in 2016. She started her YouTube Channel 3 years prior, where she shares her adventures, tutorials, as well as challenges and dares. Her vlogs will include her bent in half in all kinds of situations and positions and places!

Cambria Joy

The most wholesome

The ultimate healthy mind in a healthy body proclaimer. Grounded and glowing, Cambria shares her healthy habits, food, and workouts that focus on body and soul. Blogger, YouTuber, author and podcaster, after some tough years, tackling an eating disorder in her teens and recovering, the influencer has gone from strength to strength helping others on their journey to feeling healthy and strong. Followers can also join her community and subscribe to her newsletter for exclusive tips and motivation.

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