Conducting an influencer marketing campaign on social media is particularly suitable for cosmetics players. The skincare sector very often requires recommendations, product tests, reviews and before/afters to encourage purchases. Social networks are full of specialised content creators, often called “skinfluencers”, who test products for their communities.

Hyram Yarbro (hyram) specialises in skincare and has 6.3 million followers on TikTok. On Instagram, many accounts are thriving and nano influencers are no exception. Ablondeinbristol (5.8K followers) and alexisbakerrr (4.8K followers) share inspiration and tips to their highly engaged communities. On Twitter, some cosmetics stars have more followers than the biggest media outlets, such as Jeffree Star.

Whether in an entertaining way on TikTok, in the form of tutorials on YouTube, or via images on Instagram, there are plenty of opportunities to showcase your skincare product, grow your audience and reach new audiences, thanks to influencers in the sector.

Brands and agencies in the cosmetics sector, call on an agency specialised in influencer marketing, such as Influence4You, to guide you and help you implement your influencer marketing strategy. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to launch your campaign!

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