Facebook Campaign vs Influencer Campaign

Facebook Campaign vs Influencer Campaign

Facebook Campaign vs Influencer Campaign

Facebook Campaign vs Influencer Campaign


In 2021, Facebook complete its 17 years as the world’s most popular social media. Facebook has 2.74 billion monthly active users and reaches 59% of the world’s social networking population. 32.4% of Facebook’s audience is aged 25-34.


Brands have used Facebook Ads campaigns to promote their business and reach a wide range of audiences online, it has helped them to grow brands awareness and sales. Facebook provides the largest set of audiences for your content. As of late, other platforms have taken over. 


Nowadays, Brands are experimenting with newer marketing concepts like influencer marketing. This trend of marketing has gained popularity in no time. But the question is Influencer marketing campaign better than a Facebook marketing campaign?


Facebook campaign vs. Influencer campaign


Marketing campaigns on Facebook are paid Ads exclusive to the platform. Facebook Ads are tagged as “sponsored” to set them apart from the regular content shared and can be seen in feed, on Facebook stories, and sometimes on messenger. This type of tag on your marketing Ads results in a lesser engagement rate.


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In Influence campaigns, brands connect and collaborate with an influencer where the influencers create content and promote it via their personal accounts based on the conditions the brand has mentioned. Their content is mainly targeted their followers and the targeted audience. And unlike Facebook Ads, influencer marketing content is not tagged as “sponsored”. 


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Both these options may seem similar and viable, but they have their own set of pros and cons. We have listed them below to help brands identify a suitable option according to their needs. 


Facebook Campaign

Let’s continue our previous discussion on the pros and cons of influencer marketing and Facebook Ads here in detail.


  • Format: The best part of Facebook’s Ads is that it offers a wide variety of formats for you to promote your products and services on Facebook. You can choose from a variety of styles of displaying text or photos, videos, and carousels, etc. You can also select the placements where you want to show your Ad it can be feed, story, Facebook messenger, or others.

facebook ad format

facebook placements


  • Measure Performance: When you use Facebook Ads you can measure your success rate and KPIs. You can also look into insights on how your post is performing. On Facebook, you can even  A/B test different ads and features. 
  • Budget Flexibility: Facebook allows marketers to define their budget according to convenience which means you can run Ads least at $1/day.  Marketers can move their dollars around and scale it up or down depending on the Ad performance they measure.

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  • Overt: As I mentioned earlier, Facebook Ads are tagged as “sponsored” or “promotional” thus people mostly tend to scroll them away and avoid seeing them.
  • Lacks Engagement: Though Facebook has a large no. of active users its reach of showing the Ads to people is rare plus people also tend to skip ads. Hence, people are less likely to like, share, or comment on Facebook Ads which only results in lesser engagement rates.
  • Success is no guarantee: Advertising on Facebook works only for certain businesses and benefits them from great profits; whereas, some businesses face loss by marketing on Facebook like medical companies, medical device companies, and others. It is also seen that Facebook marketing campaign costs higher by giving you lesser results, though you have flexibility in defining your budget.

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Influencer Campaign

Having looked at the pros and cons of Facebook marketing campaigns, it is time to move on to Influencer campaign options. 


  • Authenticity: People follow influencers willingly. They want to know about the products influencers use and trust what they share or propose. It’s like being a fan of a celebrity and following what they do. Therefore, product placement or a brand shout-out on an influencer’s feed can increase awareness and will bring you loyal customers, who are genuinely interested in your products and services.
  • Lesser Restrictions: Compared to advertising on Facebook, influencer marketing has lesser restrictions. Facebook is also strict in terms of what you can publish in an Ad whether it be an image, text. It also restricts the word limit on certain pictures, their format and etc. 
  • Content Creation becomes Easier: As a marketer, you already have a lot on your hands. With influencer marketing, you can relax a little. The task of content creation becomes the influencer’s responsibility. Sure, you will have to hire the right influencer for your brand, manage them, and monitor the performance, but using the Influence marketing platform these tasks also get simplified. The more tough tasks of ideation, creation and implementation are taken care of by the influencer. 
  • Live Shopping: Live Shopping on Facebook is an interactive way to sell products where influencers go LIVE on social media to connect directly with viewers and gain potential customers in real-time by featuring and demonstrating your product with a purpose to sell.



  • Niche Audience: If you have hired the right influencer in your niche it will become easy to reach to the right audience with influencer marketing. In the beginning, you can collaborate with micro-influencers who have loyal followers and create good and engaging content. @thecurvyrebel, for instance, is quite popular for promoting fashion and body positivity tips. Brands in the clothing industry can be benefited by collaborating with her and can reach the audience you want to target.



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  • Influencer Management: Most brands face difficulties in collaborating with the influencer for their product. Therefore, it is important to develop an understanding with them by defining goals and expectations, etc. 
  • Accounts with Fake Followers: Though social media is everything an individual or business needs in today’s life. But it is also a place where it is easy to fake things. Also, the aspiration to become an influencer is trending among the younger generation. Some of these influencers even employ unethical ways to grow their network. It is crucial for brands to avoid such accounts. They need to thoroughly research the influencers they want to work with. You can use the influencer marketing platform to detect fake followers of an influencer.


detect fake followers using Influence4You


  • ROI: Businesses who understand influencer marketing gain impressive returns, up to $18 in earned media value (EMV) for every dollar they spend on influencer marketing. Even average firms achieve impressive results, with an average earned media value of $5.20 per dollar they spend on influencer marketing.


How can Facebook marketing and Influencer Marketing Work Together?

Facebook marketing and Influencer marketing are not mutually exclusive forms, both these formats clearly have their own sets of benefits. If you really want to scale up your business, you can have the best of both worlds. 


Brands can collaborate with influencers to promote products and services on social media. The content created by the influencer reaches their followers and the audience who show interest. This content can then be shared on other social media to reach other audiences via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. By doing this your Ad will also act as a testimonial from a well-known influencer. 


It’s even very easy to use the content of influencer by reposting it on your business social media account and you can also use this content to advertise on Facebook and Instagram at the same time using Facebook Ads Manager. It’s also called branded content”.


Irrespective of the method you choose to employ, market research and social media monitoring should be a part of your strategy. Use these insights and strategies to monitor your campaign and enjoy better results.


Don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions regarding influence marketing for your business.

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