Top 10 Tech Influencers in 2022

Top 10 Tech Influencers in 2022

Top 10 Tech Influencers in 2022

Smartphones, computers, cameras, or other tech devices; the trademark of tech influencers is that are always on the lookout for the latest technological gadgets.

These YouTubers, bloggers, Instagrammers (and often all three at the same time) share their expertise and experience by testing new technology products flooding the market. They are true guides for consumers, they are also a great help for their followers who may be at a loss on how to use devices that are often complex and tricky to use.

Tech influencers are now a brand’s best asset, the cliché image of the computer nerd often associated with them now long-gone. Indeed, the multimedia industry has found these experts to be the perfect allies for their marketing development strategies. Whether it’s for a product launch, researching a new target market, or relaying information to existing consumers, these influencers are choice collaborators.

Discover the world of these geeks 2.0 with the listing prepared by Influence4You of the top 10 tech influencers in 2022.

Marques Brownlee

The most popular

To kick-start this top 10, it’s Marques Brownlee AKA “MKBHD” (his initials + high-definition). It’s impossible not to include him when writing about top tech influencers. Marques started his tech review videos in 2009 when he was still studying. Now he’s got billions of views via YouTube and Instagram and has become a bit of an online tech star.

You’ll always learn something new in his videos. Whether it’s to be kept up to date with the latest tech, have product features “Explained”, or see his interviews with celebrities such as Bill Gates and Elon Musk. Or there’s also funny behind the scenes of reviews, videos of him breaking devices to show how they work, and for the more nostalgic ones a “Retro Tech” YouTube playlist dedicated to the forlorn analog days.

Linus Tech Tips

The most DIY

Linus Sebastian is the Canadian techy behind Linus Tech Tips. Linus reviews all types of gadgets and innovations, from gaming consoles to cars and virtual reality. His “build guides” are an inspiration for all ambitious technology DIYers, though some things he builds are clearly more fun to watch than to try at home!

In addition, Linus has the following channels: TechquickieTechLinked, and Channel Super Fun. For those with no time to waste, Techquickie is a great watch. It answers tech questions that you’ll want to know the answer to even if you’d never thought about it before. For instance, “can you really put your PC in a fridge?”

Erica Griffin

The most “in-depth”

This is one cool “technology nerd” who, as her playlist name suggests, will go “Insanely in-depth” in her reviews. She’s earned the trust of her followers through her honest tone. She points out the useful, the pretty and the limits of technology updates.

Erica’s eye for detail therefore helps her give her audience balanced opinions on upgrading to new versions, keeping her reviews on various smartphones, tablets and PCs credible and valuable. She is also a fan of games and shows off her skill through a home-made Nintendo Switch.


The most fascinating

ColdFusion delivers fascinating content on our world’s innovative breakthroughs. For those who are curious to understand cutting edge technology through decoding secrets to debunking myths, this is the channel to watch.

Dagogo Altraide analyzes tech trends and the unknown stories of the companies behind them. He is interested in all kinds of innovations from AI to blockchain to the secret histories of the most well-known products like the iPhone. His videos are engaging, informative, and sure to pique anyone’s curiosity.

Mr Mobile

The specialist

Smartwatches, tablets, headphones… If it’s part of the mobile lifestyle, Michael Fisher reviews it. He’s even got a playlist dedicated to “Transportation” where he reviews new electric cars.

This science fiction fan’s enthusiasm for gadgets is unmissable through his smooth narration. It’s easy to get wrapped in by this podcaster’s smooth voice and on-point descriptions. Most enjoyable and well worth the watch are his retro playlists reviewing phones that are anything but new as he revives those forgotten times of “when phones were fun”.

Unbox Therapy

The most simple and satisfying

This channel does just what it says on the tin. Sticking to the simple concept of filming unpacking electronics. This channel, run by Lewis Hilsenteger, perfectly understands the consumer’s need to know if what they buy is worth the money.

It guides anxious buyers so clearly and answers their questions so well that Unbox Therapy has become undoubtedly the most subscribed tech channel on the Internet with over 17 million followers. The tech influencer is particularly obsessed with Apple products. In fact, what earned the channel most popularity is its famous iPhone 6 Plus bending test video.

Sara Dietschy

The most creative

What makes Sara different isn’t just the fact that she’s a female influencer in a male-dominated tech industry. Her focus both on technology and its application for creative content creation makes her unique. She uses her background in video, and gives amazing reviews of photography-related technology, giving us real insights on cameras but also on the photo and film features of smartphones.

She inspires viewers with tech, business, and creative goals in her YouTube videos as well as through her podcast, That Creative Life.


The most Android

Arun Maini is the UK’s number one tech influencer. His reviews focus mainly on smartphones. As an Android fan, he gives detailed information on Android phones’ customization options and features.

Most unique is his Tech Adventures/A day in the life playlist where Arun takes the devices out with him into the outside world to test them in various real-life situations. What’s more, he’s always got a touch of humor that makes his videos really enjoyable to watch.

Austin Evans

The most fun

Austin Evans has also been on the tech social media game since 2009, where he started by uploading an app review. Millions of subscribers later, Austin reviews all kinds of tech. He became famous with his speed test video comparing the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 which was featured in Mashable.

Now you can see him waste money on mystery tech or get his advice on whether the latest expensive smartphone is worth it. Whether it’s posing enthusiastically with the latest releases on Instagram or in his YouTube tech reviews, Austin doesn’t take himself too seriously and lets the tech geek shine through.

Estefannie Explains

The most creative

Estafannie is a software engineer with a whacky sense of humor. She makes tutorials on how things work and DIY how-tos for a growing community. Her content is truly unique, and always a really entertaining watch.

You will be amazed by her fun and completely offbeat ways of applying technology! Going from explaining how she made a 3D printed Daft Punk helmet, to making an automated French press, the theme of her videos are unpredictable and varied and will leave you curious to see more.

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