Do you want to promote your destination or hotel? Professionals in the travel and tourism sector, consider influencers for getting the word out! Did you know that Tulum, Mexico, is a destination that has become extremely popular in a very short time and is known worldwide thanks to Instagram? Who hasn’t seen the pictures of its white sandy beaches, and its bohemian-chic atmosphere? 

There are many travel influencers out there who will know how to showcase your destination or your establishment. This is the case of Oneika the Traveller, a travel blogger who won a Gold Medal for Best Travel Blog in 2018. On Instagram, Voyagefox_ posts photos that make more than 400,000 followers dream. 

The possibilities of collaboration are endless: you can invite one or more influencers to an event or on a trip. Contests are also a popular way to get people talking about you! 

Brands and agencies in the travel and tourism sector, call on an agency specialised in influencer marketing, such as Influence4You, to guide you and help you implement your influencer marketing strategy. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to launch your campaign!

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