Top 12 Food Influencers in 2021

Die Top 12 der Kochinfluencer 2022

Top 12 Food Influencers in 2021

Amongst the thousands of blogs, YouTube channels and cooking accounts burgeoning online, Influence4You has selected its top 12 food influencers in 2021. Whether they are Instagrammers, YouTubers, TikTokers, chefs, or entrepreneurs, they’ve accumulated followers and likes, and are all driven by the same passion: food.

You don’t need to scroll down your social media account’s newsfeed long to find that cooking and its influencers are extremely present. Each and every day they share their recipes and favourite dishes, and give us their tips, allowing us to discover new products and meals that we can relish, via videos and photos that are sure to whet our appetites. Vegan, healthy, food porn, sweet or savoury… take your pick!

Without further ado, here’s our list of the top food influencers in 2021 that will get you motivated to start cooking (…or eating).

The Happy Pear

The most feel good

Twins Dave and Steve are on a mission to build a community around a happier and healthier lifestyle. They describe their YouTube channel as a “virtual cookbook” they hope will help create this movement towards a plant-based diet that brings not only “health and happiness” but also proves to parents that it’s not a boring one. And that’s definitely the way it feels when you look at the pair’s Instagram! Lots of fun energy as well as excellent recipes that you can learn how to cook via their YouTube channels.

Cooking with Shereen

The most can-do

Shereen shows you how to master your favourite recipes. She will break them down and show you it’s not rocket science to make them from scratch. She’s like that energetic running buddy you dread as much as need to get up for your morning jog. Her brisk, relentless, almost aggressive energy as she zooms through recipes in the 1-minute Tiktok format is sure to whisk you into cooking-shape. If she doesn’t motivate you to cook, I don’t know what will! For those who need more time to follow the recipes you can also find the chef on YouTube or check out her cookbook.


The most deliciously vegan

The ultimate icon for all the vegan and gluten-free foodies out there. Michaela will show you some of the most beautiful desserts that are sure to make your mouth water, and she also takes care not to add too much sugar. Whether you’re vegan or not, once you start scrolling through it’ll be hard to stop, and easy to forget that the recipes are all vegan. The recipe creator shares her passion by keeping recipes simple for everyone to make, and you can find out how to make them on Pinterest, YouTube, and her blog.


The most Michelin stars

Before she’s put her fork down and finished her last mouthful, Joyce is already thinking about her next meal. Her Instagram is one that makes any gourmet hungry as the plates she photographs are assembled by Hong Kong’s master chefs. Hopping from one great restaurant to the next, the Cambridge lawyer gives us a taste of her native Hong Kong through its top places to eat with some beautiful photos and detailed captions on the experience. They are a feast for the eyes! The bonus is the price and address given by the critic, so you can make sure to add it to your list of places to eat.


The most imaginative

Sarah Phillips is one of the biggest social media personalities in the food industry. She was one of the first internet influences to make money from her food Instagram and website After years of recipes and cooking tutorials on other online channels, Sarah has turned to food art. In a bid to tackle food waste, she turns raw ingredients into a recipe for eye-catching still-life photography. Every photo unearths different varieties of fruit and vegetables in their beautiful, raw states.

Joshua Weissman

The most mouth-watering

One of the best things about this cook is that he takes your favourite comfort foods and shows you exactly how to make them, only “better”. Josh loves to share his love of good food in entertaining ways that will motivate his viewers to take to the kitchen rather than take out. To really convince us, he even has a playlist showing us how to make restaurant meals cheaper at home. His fun personality and creativity also makes his Instagram worth following!


Anett Velsberg

The most cutesy

It’s hard to resist how cute Estonian creator Anett’s recipes are. It’s no wonder you’ll also find them on Pinterest, as well as Instagram. Part of you wants to gobble up the delicious treats, but another part of you would also be sorry to ruin the delightful creations by eating them. To be honest, just having these as decorations in your home to keep gazing at them would do. If you did want to try and recreate them on your own, you can find the recipes on her website.

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The most down-to-earth

What’s cool about this guy is he’s quite simply cooking real food at home. Mike Spurlock started his videos to show his long-distance partner that he could cook, and even after the relationship ended he kept sharing his cooking endeavours on TikTok. It’s his authentic and unsophisticated style that made him popular. All in TikTok’s musical, quick’n’easy style of course. Mike believes people want to see that good meals don’t always need to be cooked by world-class chefs in world-class kitchens. If he’s cooking it, so can you!


#Fall days make me think about Kudzu #ramennoodles #takehome those pickled shrooms are everything 🙌🏽

♬ Lofi – Domknowz


The most artistic

Every plate is a canvas for Norwegian creator Ida Skivenes. Ida left her corporate job to pursue her food art passion, which you can find on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, as well as on her blog. Since then, she’s even published a book of her playful food-made illustrations. She creates the most adorable cartoon-like animals out of pancake batter and little pieces of cut fruit and veg. Her smiling food figures are sure to brighten up your day.

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The most food porn

Tway Nguyen has always wanted to show other young Asian Americans that making their culture’s food isn’t difficult. She’s been sharing food content on YouTube and Instagram, but it’s on TikTok that she found overnight fame with a video of her cooking fried rice. Now out of culinary school, though she had thought of working in a restaurant she’s now dedicated to working full-time from her own kitchen, where she shares her recipes for yummy and simple Asian food.


Written recipe is on my IG (twaydabae) #learnontiktok #recipevideo #easyrecipe #noodles #fyp

♬ original sound – twaydabae


The most vibrant

If you weren’t already a fan of all-day brunches, this Instagram account is going to make you want to eat breakfast through lunch and dinner too! Sweden-based Anna Lindberg specializes in magical-looking smoothies. Each bowl is more vibrant than the last, topped with exotic flowers and (super)fruits. She also offers regular promos and discounts on smoothie-making products, so if you like dreaming up concoctions, she’s your gal!


The most authentic

Mark Wiens is a “full-time eater” who shares his food adventures in his vlog. He’s amassed millions of fans on YouTube, who await the finger-licking tales of his latest encounters with the street-food of the different countries he travels to. Now that he’s settled in Bangkok, you’ll also find lots of Thai food videos. He’ll make you want to buy a ticket to the other side of the world, packing only chopsticks!

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