Twitch is THE social network for live streaming. This includes live video. The social network preferred by gamers, who play live video games for hours on end in front of a captivated audience, nevertheless includes many other categories such as “Just Chatting“. These continue to attract ever-growing audiences with programmes on current affairs for example. Twitch has 140 million monthly active users, and over 30 million daily active users. The audience is mainly composed of young adults aged 18–35. 

Some influencers, especially in gaming and e-sports, are stars of the platform. This is the case with Ninja, followed by more than 18.3 million people, and Syndicate with 3 million. 

Conducting an influencer marketing campaign on Twitch and organising product placements with influencers is a must if you want to showcase a product, for example. You can have your product or service tested, offer promo codes or coupons to share, give away products during a live event, or sponsor an e-sports tournament. The possibilities are endless.

Brands and agencies, call on an agency specialised in influencer marketing on Twitch, such as Influence4You, to guide you and help you implement your influencer marketing strategy. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to launch your campaign!

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