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Are your competitors more visible than you on social media? 7 levers to surpass them!

Social media is crucial for brand image. A recent study by Influence4You reveals that 83% of consumers have a better perception of brands with a strong online presence (Influence4You, 2023).

Passive content management is no longer sufficient. To be more visible than your competitors, the right strategy involves three main categories of actions:

  1. Optimal management of your networks,
  2. Strategic use of paid advertising,
  3. Effective partnerships with influencers.

This is what we will explore in the rest of this guide with concrete actions, tools, processes, and ideas for tight budgets. So download it quickly and surpass your competitors on social media!

7 ways

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A comprehensive and immediately actionable guide featuring:

  • The 7 levers to be more visible than your competitors
  • What budget is needed?
  • Effectively managing your own networks
  • Conducting paid advertising campaigns
  • Launching influencer campaigns
  • Producing videos with UGC creators

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