Facebook is THE leading social network, a giant and a reference in this area. With nearly 3 billion users worldwide, the platform is a powerful influencer marketing tool that allows you to set up campaigns targeting a very large audience. 

Some Facebook influencers have millions of followers. Whindersson Nunes, known for his comedy videos, has more than 11 million followers on this social network. Jeffree Star is very active on Facebook in the world of make-up and has over 2 M followers. 

Conducting an influencer marketing campaign on Facebook by organising product placements with influencers is to ensure a very large visibility, a large audience and thus new potential buyers. On Facebook, several campaign formats are available, such as publications with text and photos or live events and videos, which are particularly popular. 

Brands and agencies, call on an agency specialised in influencer marketing on Facebook, such as Influence4You, to guide you and help you implement your influencer marketing strategy. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to launch your campaign!

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