A social network for exchanging messages and ephemeral photos launched in 2011, Snapchat has continued to grow and is among the most used social networks. Initially primarily used by teenagers, it is now the most visited mobile application among 15-49-year-olds. The social network has 500 million active users worldwide. 

The application has many content creators, who have become influencers, sharing their daily lives and their best finds with users who are attracted to a feeling of proximity with their idols. For example, Laurynevarts, a lifestyle blogger, shares her life and her finds on the social network. Love.taza (Naomi Davis) has a large community who follows her wherever she goes.

Conducting an influencer marketing campaign on Snapchat by doing product placements with this new generation of influencers is to ensure a very large visibility with enthusiasts of the application, who spend nearly 49 minutes a day on average. This allows you to take advantage of the feeling of proximity to communicate about your product or service

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