Top 10 Beauty Influencers in 2022

Top 10 Beauty Influencers in 2022

Top 10 Beauty Influencers in 2022

Tutorials, beauty routines, new makeup trends, tips, makeovers, cosmetic product reviews… these influencers have more than one string to their bow! Truly passionate about all things beauty-related, they share their expertise with their communities. They have growing audiences on all platforms (YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, TikTok, etc.), with fans following their every move.

As in other sectors of digital influence, beauty influencers feature prominently in the marketing strategies of the cosmetics industry. Regular advertising is now eclipsed by sponsorships and collaborations with these new ambassadors of beauty and personal care.

Undeniable opinion leaders, beauty influencers have become the voices of this industry in the last few years. This is why Influence4You is proud to offer its list of the best beauty influencers in 2022 (a far from exhaustive list, of course!).

Huda Beauty

The most popular

Having built her very own beauty empire, you’ll find Huda Kattan topping most charts when it comes to this subject. Starting with a blog, then YouTube channel, Huda left her job in finance to launch her own cosmetics company in 2013. What’s more, she became the top beauty influencer in terms of earnings. The Iraqi-American has a massive audience across all platforms. Her company’s Instagram Huda Beauty boasts nearly 50 million followers, whilst her personal profile has more than 2 million.

What’s made Huda Beauty‘s profile so popular is that it regularly features other beauty influencers, giving them a platform for visibility that boosts engagement on Huda’s page. Other than her own brand, Huda does still rep industry leaders, notably Sephora that incidentally also sells her products. On her website, you’ll be able to shop her products, but also find a whole section on DIYs for home-made beauty recipes.

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The most powerful

Nikkie de Jager became an internet sensation through her viral video “The Power of Makeup”. Posting truly transformative makeup tutorials and makeovers channeling celebrity looks, she often partners with top brands the likes of Maybelline and Marc Jacobs Beauty. The Dutch influencer sometimes teams up with her other half for some of her makeup videos. Often a trendsetter, and winner of the Shorty Award for Best YouTube Guru, it’s above all her bubbly personality that has allowed her to connect with her audience.

Kelseyanna Fitzpatrick

The most unconventional

Kelseyanna is a fascinating makeup artist who likes taking risks and rejecting traditional beauty standards. Her years studying art history have given this creative Canadian a way of approaching a face like a blank canvas. Her style is mythical, abstract, grunge, goth, sometimes even edging on macabre, and always boldly experimental. This cat lover, and now veterinary assistant, is a cruelty-free beauty advocate, and also raises awareness on autism.

James Charles

The most “Cover Boy”

This self-taught makeup artist shows you don’t have to be a woman to show off your amazing makeup looks. The glamorous James Charles lives by the motto “Blend, but don’t blend in”. This has propelled him to the top of male beauty influencers, and among the biggest influencers generally, as well as making headlines as the first-ever boy on CoverGirl aged just 19.

His YouTube tutorials, including collab videos featuring other influencers, his makeup reviews, strong advocacy for LGTBQ+ awareness, a bit of drama and (rarer for a beauty influencer) an engaging Twitter feed, have grown his audience to millions of followers. One of his latest collabs resulted in the launch of his own palette with makeup brand Morphe.


The most musical

This makeup artist and young mum started a YouTube channel back in 2015 because she loved doing hair and makeup, and was also a big fan of fashion. Though you’ll find her on other platforms (Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter), it’s through her TikTok videos featuring ‘product lists’ that Dasia Janae has really emerged and started rocking the beauty influencer world. Whilst singing along to songs, this girl transforms into pretty much any look. It’s hard not to get drawn in by her energy, humour, and her wide range of looks ranging from neon to natural. When it comes to being a black woman, she’s also really empowering and highly passionate about the representation of people of colour and vocal about racism.

Alexandra Anele

The smokiest

This page is not just about sultry, beautifully smooth eye makeup, though you’ll find lots of that on there. Alex also has the cool personality that goes with the classy, sophisticated looks she paints. She posts video tutorials on her looks on her YouTube channel. However, aware of how harsh a place the Internet can be, she recently started a new channel to really connect with her community on a deeper level. Here she talks about all the mental health issues associated with the beauty industry and social media, including plastic surgery, insecurities, confidence… and all with a ‘naked’ face.

Em Ford

The most skin positive

Em started her blog My Pale Skin in 2014 as a way to share beauty tips and connect with a digital community around self-confidence and skin positivity. She gained a following with her before and after makeup celebrity looks, and other makeup looks. But what makes her special is also what we conventionally see as ‘flawed’ skin. Having suffered from acne her whole life, Em was driven to create the #redefinepretty movement. She’s passionate about tackling the stigma around skin conditions and imperfections and regularly posts no-makeup photos too.

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Danielle Marcan

The most alluring

Makeup artist and model Danielle is one of the coolest makeup girls on social media. Serving opulent Gatsby-esque to natural glow, her simple yet sumptuous looks makes you want to try it too. Currently studying marketing, the American influencer definitely knows how to create engagement on social media. Danielle has an exciting and fun TikTok tutorial style for showing how she creates her looks. She reps many well-known brands from popular names like Asos to luxury staples like Dior Makeup.


The grooviest

Vanessa’s symmetrical eye designs are something different. She really thinks outside the box with makeup: when she takes her multicoloured lines for a walk around her eyes, there’s no knowing where they’ll go. She started her makeup account at 15 as a kind of ‘therapy’ for her anxiety, and now it’s developed into a real creative outlet inspiring thousands of fans on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. A huge fan of Marvel and Star Wars, her looks are often inspired by film and have something futuristic about them.

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Lauren Gores

The most natural glow

Unlike most beauty influencers, Lauren’s page distinguishes itself by its focus on natural beauty and the healthy tips and habits that keep it glowing. Lauren is the co-founder of Summer Friday, a “Clean + cruelty-free + vegan” beauty brand that’s all about self-care. Her Instagram is a composition of lifestyle, motherhood, and makeup pictures that perfectly reflect the effortless beauty and wellness that come with the natural look. Of course, she reps her own brand now but also others like Pantene.

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