YouTube Live Shopping Features for Brands and Influencers

Las funcionalidades Live Shopping en Youtube para marcas e influencers

Les fonctionnalités Live Shopping sur YouTube pour les marques et les influenceurs

YouTube Live Shopping features for brands and influencers


Find out what Live Shopping features are available now on YouTube, what’s in store for tomorrow and our influencer campaign tips.


Live features now on YouTube:

Live has been around for a few years now on YouTube. Here are the possibilities:


  • Tag a product or a company


  • Add written comments during the live stream and pin a specific comment to make it more visible


  • Add URLs in a comment to link to the page of your choice


  • Record the Live and share the replay later

YouTube fonction Live exemple


Live Features on YouTube: what’s next?

The purchase feature:

Currently being tested in the United States with some Youtubers, they can list certain products or items mentioned in their videos with a shopping cart icon. With this feature, visitors will be able to easily purchase the tagged product.

There are no further details but we imagine that the purchase will be made via Google Shopping and without leaving YouTube.


Modern influence campaign solutions:

  • The same principle as for a sponsored video with the addition of tracking links in the description of the video and/or promotional codes


  • Suggest a promotional code in the written comments by pinning it to highlight it


  • Insert a URL link in a live chat comment to link to a specific page (also possible to pin the comment)


  • Suggest to use this code at the end of the live to not lose the audience


  • You can embed a live video on a website. This can be used to incorporate a live stream on the client’s website for example to generate more views


  • Make a video teaser to communicate about the upcoming live event. The aim is to make a classic YouTube video but it will explain to the audience what the Live will include. You can add the URL link of the live in the description


  • Use the replay to generate more views and sales after the live event (live stats will be aggregated to the replay)


  • And as with lives on Instagram, don’t forget to:
    • make sure the influencer promotes the live event
    • be sure of the key messages to be conveyed by the influencer


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