Les meilleurs exemples de Live Shopping des e-commerçants

The best live shopping campaigns from online retailers

(Carrefour, Fnac-Darty, Boulanger, Cdiscount, Leroy Merlin…)


Online retailers and manufacturers launch Live Shopping campaigns

Many brands have become involved in this trend, including Carrefour, Fnac-Darty, Boulanger, Cdiscount, Leroy Merlin, Clarins, Sephora, Samsung, Adidas, Krups, Lancôme, Amazon, AliExpress and many others.

These brands cross all economic sectors. They all understood the potential of live shopping tools and are positioning themselves to take advantage of it by offering a new experience to their customers and prospects.


Let’s discover the best Live Shopping campaigns launched in France.



Carrefour uploaded live videos to showcase Christmas toys and, more recently, livestreams during the wine fair including its first oenology course, and finally to promote products related to the Euro Cup 2021.

Carrefour Live Oenologie - Live Shopping exemple

Oenology Course Live Replay

Carrefour Live jouets de noel - Exemple Live Shopping

Christmas Toys Replay

Carrefour Live Euro 2020 footabll - Exemple Live Shopping

Replay link


Achievements: 9,000 and 15,000 viewers over the three one-hour live shows, including 3,000 people watching simultaneously.

According to Carrefour, these livestreams have generated several tens of thousands of euros in sales, including through the replays, which play an equally important role.



The company uploaded 47 live streams at the end of 2020. That’s about 85 hours of content.

In terms of results, these lives generated over 2.7 million views in total.

Moreover, the replay is a complementary asset to the live event as it can be watched again and again by customers. Some lives, like the one for the launch of the latest Xbox with Squeezie (15.8M subscribers on YouTube), had incredible results with over 1 million views!

Fnac Live Gaming Xbox Series Squeezie - Exemple Live Shopping

Replay link


The livestream provided performance comparable with television as it placed 5th out of France’s television channels on a Friday evening at 8 pm.

Sales increased 400 times during the live event and it even trended on Google Trend. This shows how Live Shopping combined with a good influencer can be a powerful tool!


Fnac-Darty is also positioning itself in the high-tech sector by offering dedicated Live Shopping. These include a livestream about the Sonos Roam speakers hosted by two high-tech youtubersJojol (2.19M subscribers) and TheiCollection (761K subscribers).

Fnac Live High-Tech JoJol et THEICOLLECTION - Exemple Live Shopping

Replay link


Canon’s live event is another good example. This more specific and technical event was to present a camera and gathered more than 600 viewers simultaneously.

On the Darty website we can find a Dyson product presentation:

Darty Live Dyson - Exemple Live Shopping

Replay link


Here, salespeople or experts from the brand were called in to answer questions and present the product in detail.


Sephora and Lancôme

Beauty brands and retailers have also understood the perks of Live Shopping and are getting involved.

Sephora Lancôme Facebook Live - Exemple Live Shopping

Replay link


Here, Sephora and Lancôme called on Richaard (305K subscribers on YouTube) & The Doll Beauty (2.11M subscribers on YouTube), 2 beauty influencers to host a  Livestream on Facebook.



Sephora and Too Faced

Sephora Too Faced - Exemple Live Shopping

Replay link


The same concept as for the previous example, Sephora and Too Faced called upon beauty influencer MarionCaméléon (620K subscribers on YouTube) to present products.



L’Oréal and Lancôme

L’Oréal recorded a livestream at its flagship store at 52 avenue des Champs Elysée with the influencers Yasmine Zeroc (253k followers on Instagram), Anne Sophie Godet (562 followers on Instagram) and Sabrina Cesari (385K followers on Instragam).

In addition, a mini concert by the singer Corine was broadcast, creating an exceptional event in its own right.

L’Oréal et Lancôme - Exemple Live Shopping

Link to the event page (no replay available)




E-commerce Amazon also launched with a whole session dedicated to Live. Amazon is also positioning itself in this field and has integrated live features directly on its website (available now in some countries – not yet in France).

Amazon Exemple Live Shopping

Link to the lives page



The platform has developed a Live session just like its main competitor. Livesellers can present different products and are paid according to the sales generated. This feature is already available in France and will continue to grow.

AliExpress Exemple Live Shopping

Link to the lives page




The e-commerce site has launched a special cooking livestream with the Youtuber Hervé Cuisine (1.3M subscribers on YouTube) and the Top Chef contestantCharline Stengel (26K followers on Instagram).

Cdiscount Shopping Show Cuisine - Exemple Live Shopping

 Replay link



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