The Biggest TikTokers in France in 2021


The Biggest TikTokers in France in 2021

The Biggest TikTokers in France in 2021

Discover our Top 10 biggest TikTokers in France in 2021!


#1 Léa Elui Ginet

15 million followers

TikTok account: @leaelui

At just 20 years old, she’s a TikTok star. Léa Elui started four years ago on this social network. She’s been creating short videos of her dance pieces since 2016. Today, she has become a major influencer and even chosen as the face of Givenchy.

@leaeluiLeo was like what is mommy doing ♥️ @leoelui♬ Vroom Vroom – Gwendolyn_Takapu


#2 Pierre Boo

10 million followers

TikTok account: @itspierreboo

Son of the former Antenne 2 presenter, Virginia Crespeau, and in a relationship with famous American TikToker Nicky Champa (10M subscribers), Pierre Boo started just 3 years ago on TikTok and has already became one of the figures of the LGBT movement. With humorous videos on everyday couple life and trends, his TikTok account is full of surprise.

@itspierrebooI don’t know…@nickychampa♬ Under the Sea (Instrumental) [From “The Little Mermaid”] – London Music Works


#3 Jojo Akams

8.2 million followers

TikTok account: @akamztwenty20

With Jojo Akams, laughter is guaranteed. That means humorous videos, sketches but also dances that are perfectly executed and meticulous. A real feel good account!

@akamztwenty20flow ou pas ?♬ son original – Jojo Akams


#4 Angélique Boyer

7.4 million followers

TikTok account: @angeliqueboyertiktok

French-Mexican actress, Angélique Boyer is also a model in her spare time. She became famous in 2003 in a Mexican telenovela. She successfully got started on TikTok by combining humorous and everyday life content. All in French and Spanish!

@angeliqueboyertiktokO oui la la la la si tú… ##Quemada siempre disimula ‍♀️ OÍLAAAA OTRA ##chiflando y ##disimulando ♬ original sound – Zoë


#5 berywambeatbox

7.3 million followers

TikTok account: @berywambeatbox

This French beatbox group from Toulouse are a hit. They were crowned French champion of human beatbox in 2016 in Paris in the ‘team’ category. In 2018, they won the world beatbox team championship. They share their performances and backstage at their concerts, all in good spirit.

@berywambeatboxWhen our Crowd Repeat after Us ! Venez nous voir en concert pour faire des Tiktok avec nous ! Lien dans la bio ! ##berywam ##noinstrument♬ son original – Berywam


#6 Tibo Inshape

6.4 million followers

TikTok account: @tiboinshape

Thibaud Delapart aka Tibo Inshape is an already very popular influencer as he made himself known as a youtuber specialized in bodybuilding. His TikTok account is a little different from his YouTube channel as he shares funnier clips and take up different challenges, especially with his TikToker partner, Juju Fitcats (3.7 M subscribers)

@tiboinshapeQui veut tester le mur des champions ??♬ Summer – Calvin Harris


#7 Cyrilschr

3.7 million followers

TikTok account: @cyrilschr

Cyril Schreiner is an Alsatian influencer known for his single ‘Chadore Chadère Chevalide’ but his specialty is impressions. His TikTok account will make you smile.

@cyrilschrRépondre à @clean_thefrym♬ son original – cyril


#8 Benoit Chevalier

4.9 million followers

TikTok account: @benoit_chevalier

Another figure of the LGBT community, Benoit Chevalier rose to prominence thanks to his make-up tutorials. His TikTok account also offers much lighter content.

@benoit_chevalierJe goûte le McDo en Italie ♬ son original – Benoît Chevalier


#9 Lenna Vivas

4.8 million followers

TikTok account: @lenna.vivas

A well-known influencer on YouTube and Instagram. She took up the gauntlet to also perform on TikTok with dance challenges, videos with her little brother, Elias, and her boyfriend, trends and lip-syncs.

@lenna.vivasvoici les p’tites AF1 tear-away fauna brown ♬ son original – Lenna Vivas


#10 Beckybaw777

4.5 million followers

TikTok account: @beckybaw777

Becky is a TikTok expert and these humorous videos are a staple of the genre on the social network. The staging and effects are impeccable. A real standard…

@beckybaw777♬ Bimbo – Marwa Loud & Moha K


#11 Rose.thr

4.3 million followers

TikTok account: @rose.thr

Originally from Toulouse, Rose perfectly masters TikTok’s codes. Her account is a mix of funny, friendly videos but she also offers more fashion-related content. In this regard, she has created a collection in collaboration with the brand Jennyfer: Rose THR x D.C.M.J

@rose.thr♬ son original – Sasha


#12 wonguy

4.2 million followers

TikTok account: @wonguy

Wonguy is a professional photographer, he shares his talent on TikTok and adds spectacular special effects. A very inspiring account to follow.

@wonguyPhone flower transition while in Greece ##bts ##tiktoktutos ##fyp ##pourtoi ##SunshineDiscount♬ Alone, Pt. II – Alan Walker & Ava Max


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