Top 10 TikTokers of 2022 in Canada

Top 10 TikTokers of 2022 in Canada

Top 10 TikTokers of 2022 in Canada

Find all top categories of TikTokers in Canada for 2022. Identify the most popular influencers by Followers, Engagement Rate, and Authentic Engagement.

We have discovered these Top 10 TikTokers in Canada by using the influencer marketing platform named Influence4You.

1) Kris


Kris Collins is a social media influencer based in Canada. She worked as a hairdresser previously, before her brother convinced her to download the app, according to The Net Line. Kris is a famous Tik Tok star, model, actress, or also Social media Influencer. She is known for her lip sync videos funny and romantic videos. Her social media accounts have a massive fan following and millions of followers making her the Top 1 TikToker in Canada.

@kallmekrisWhat I imagine pt✨Krischelle✨♬ original sound – Kris HC

2) Celina


Celina Myers is from Canada and her TikTok videos didn’t start out depicting her sleepwalking adventures. Her TikTok still has content like that, but ever since she shared her first video of her sleepwalking, her followers have called for more.

@celinaspookyboo♬ original sound – Celinaspookyboo

3) Yoleen


Yoleendadong is a content creator who regularly posts his videos on various social media platforms. She is also a director and producer, who creates interesting videos and publishes them on YouTube. … Yolen Dadong has been creating Youtube videos for a long time, and opened the channel just for entertainment.

@yoleendadong Transforming this holiday season into my alter ego #k18hairflip @K18 Hair reverses hair damage in 4 min. #k18partner #k18hair #k18results ♬ #K18hairflip – K18 Hair

4) Nutshell Animations


Nutshell Animations, formerly Nutshell Studios, is a Canadian YouTuber and animator who used to do 30 seconds to 2 minute-long meme skits and currently does Tiktok animations. Most of the animated skits are about popular or cartoon songs that are less than 30 seconds.

@nutshellanimations time of the month #animationmeme #comedy #funnyvideos #meme #animation ♬ original sound – chatyah.burroughs

5) Elona


Enola Bedard is the renowned Dancer, Tiktok Star, Model, and Instagram Star from Canada. She is among one of the most moving young ladies in TikTok. She has shown up in numerous Videos. She is principally celebrated for satire video cuts, moving recordings, and performs lip adjusts on TikTok.

@enola.bedard This is the energy I want to bring in 2022!!! Dancing w/ @mattsteffanina ♬ SAD GIRLZ LUV MONEY – Remix – Amaarae & Kali Uchis

6) Ricky


Ricky Berwick was born on April 23, 1992, in Ontario, Canada, and was diagnosed with a physical disability that limits his movements since birth. He is an actor and comedian, known for his funny weird video skits and collaborations such as, Tosh. 0: Ricky Berwick (2017), Jablinski Games: LETS PLAY BRUTAL LEGEND! on social media.

@therickyberwick the best #camera ♬ original sound – Ricky Berwick

7) Christian


Lip sync and variety content creator on TikTok who is best known for sharing short-form videos on his account. He gained fame with a video of him on his motorcycle and his popularity on the platform has led to him amassing more than 10 million fans. He shares his modeling work and engages with fans on his Spanish TikTok account. He also has an Instagram account @christianrenaudn.

@thisischristianrenaud Link en mi bio si les interesa! #fyp ♬ Infinity – Jaymes Young

8) Sarah-Jade


Popular TikTok star who is best known for the dance videos. Her content has earned her over 10 million followers on the app.

@sjbleau so satisfying to do @God ♬ original sound –

9) Manchurek


The  23 years old brothers were born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada on August 10, 1996. Manchurektriplets, standing 6 feet 1 inch have been playing hockey since 2014, and Joey  Manchurek has won Canadian Hockey League once.

@manchurektriplets Blue, Yellow, or Red? Results coming soon! #behindthescenes #tutorials ♬ original sound – Manchurek Triplets

10) Luke


Luke Davidson is a Canadian YouTuber comedy skit creator who often used trending hashtags to increase his clout on TikTok.

@lukedavidson_If he’s still there then I guess it cant be ‍♂️♬ original sound – Luke Davidson

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