Top 10 TikTokers in France in 2022

Top 10 TikTokers in France in 2022

Top 10 TikTokers in France in 2022

Discover our Top 10 TikTokers in France in 2022!

1) Lea Elui Ginet


@leaelui  is the most popular TikToker, Instagrammer, and YouTuber. She posts a variety of dance videos, including belly dance, pole dance, and aerobics. Lea has maintained her first position since 2021 for this listing and was even chosen as the face of Givenchy.

@leaeluiYou guys ask, I deliver ☺️❤️♬ original sound – puhrplehqze

2) Akamz


With @akamztwenty20, laughter is guaranteed. He creates humorous videos, sketches but also dances that are perfectly executed and meticulous. A real feel-good account! Akmaz is the second most popular TikToker as of 2022.

@akamztwenty20Follow my instagram : akamztweenty♬ son original – Akamz

3) Berywam


@berywambeatbox is a French beatbox group from Toulouse. They were crowned French champion of human beatbox in 2016 in Paris in the ‘team’ category. In 2018, they won the world beatbox team championship. They share their performances and backstage at their concerts, all in good spirit. This year they made up to top 3 TikTokers in France 2022.

@berywambeatboxSome Chill Today ##berywam ##noinstrument♬ son original – Berywam

4) Tuvok12


@Tuvok12 got famous on TikTok by posting videos of playing games on the streets with strangers and rating the shots/goals they made. People on the streets willing got engaged in his on-spot games like basketball and football which also most liked videos of his account. This is the first time that his TikTok account ranks in the Top 10 in France.

@tuvok12Last person made the craziest shot ever ! He deserves a follow @celesto ##basketball ##reaction ##foryou♬ INDUSTRY BABY – Lil Nas X & Jack Harlow

5) Tibo InShape


@tiboinshapeTag un ami qui a besoin de motivation !! ##teamshape♬ Helikopter – Fazlija

6) Benoît Chevalier

7 M followers

@benoit_chevalier is one of the public figures of the LGBT community. He rose to prominence thanks to his make-up tutorials. Benoît’s TikTok account also offers much lighter content. From the past year, he had gained more popularity and followers which lifts him up by 2 positions compared to 2021.

@benoit_chevalierJe teste le Maquillage Shein ! @sheglam ❤️ ##sheglam ##sheglamspringiton -15% avec mon code Q2BENOIT Valable jusqu’au 30 Juin♬ Peaches – Justin Bieber

7) Capuche Man

5.9 M followers

@capuche_man makes jokes about the famous video game, Minecraft. In 2022 he comes under the Top 10 TikTokers in France. This is the first time that his TikTok account ranks in the Top 10 in France.

@capuche_manj’ai la phobie de la terre maintenant ##minecraft♬ son original – Capuche Man

8) Vector

5.8 M followers

If you’ve ever seen “Despicable Me,” you must know the character of Vector. Today, Tristan aka Vector (@itsvectorperkin) a French guy hits his mark on Tiktok by making funny videos. Since last year his fan base increased a lot by making him rank in the list of Top 10 TikTokers in France in 2022.

@itsvectorperkinsI’m back ♬ #Slomo Trans – ☁️✨

9) Aurelia

5.8 M followers

@aureltattoo.officiel created short funny videos with her voiceover or music. Aurelia is a social media star who has earned popularity by creating funny product demo videos on TikTok. This is the first time that her TikTok account ranks in the Top 10 in France.

@aureltattoo.officiel##asmr ##rire

♬ son original – aurelia

10) Cyril

5.8 M followers

@cyrilschr is an Alsatian influencer known for his single ‘Chadore Chadère Chevalide’ but his specialty is impressions. His TikTok account will make you smile. Cyril ranked 7th for the listing of The Biggest TikTokers in France in 2021.

@cyrilschr♬ son original – cyril

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