10 Trending TikTok Challenges in 2022

10 Trending TikTok Challenges in 2022

10 Trending TikTok Challenges in 2022

2021 was a record year for the social network TikTok, known for its challenges. The latter are often accompanied by catchy songs  and continue to entertain a growing community. Participating in the numerous challenges is also a way for influencers and brands to make themselves known on the social network and considerably boost their reach. Influence4You provides an overview of the most popular challenges.

 1- #LearnSomethingNew

An excellent challenge to show and teach your talents. Cooking, mechanics or any other field, these little tutorials will help you learn something on TikTok! … In the example below @chopcheeks teaches us how to make homemade pasta.

2- #Journaling

Here TikTokers take up the challenge to start journalling, or continue journalling throughout the rest of the year. Some share their goals, their to-do lists and more…

3- #Wakingupinthemorning

TikTokers share here what they do in the morning when they wake up.

4- Please Don’t Go

To the track Please Don’t Go, TikTokers filmed their pets (often dogs) wearing scarves. This challenge was subverted and now it’s the users who film themselves with scarves, often in their cars.

5- Perfect Match

People share something together. This trend often focuses on couples. He likes… She likes… We like… etc.

6- Pasta

Pasta challenges, such as the #fetapasta challenge in 2021, are very common on TikTok and the community closely follows this content.

7- Ring Light

The Ring Light challenge is still ongoing. It’s all about showing off your everyday look and then revealing something special under the ring light, a device used by many influencers to get the right lighting on posts and videos.

8- Yes Day Challenge

The Yes Day Challenge is about saying yes to all challenges. In the example above “make up with your eyes closed”, a TikToker takes part in the trend.

9-…without telling me

Tell me….. without telling me is a challenge still trending in 2022 on TikTok, it consists of telling people something without saying it.

10- Knee Challenge

The Knee Challenge consists of getting down on your knees or getting in uncomfortable positions. Many users try this challenge out, often to very catchy music.

In conclusion

There are so many challenges on Tiktok that it’s often difficult to find your way around. What’s more, social networking moves fast, and trends go out of fashion very quickly. Don’t hesitate to check out this page from TikTok to analyse the latest trends on the social network and keep up with the times.

Finally, brands or influencers, don’t hesitate to sign up to the Influence4You platform to be put in touch with and find collabs on TikTok.

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