The Top 12 Sports Influencers of 2021

The Top 12 Sports Influencers of 2021

The Top 12 Sports Influencers of 2021

Even though fashion, beauty or food are the most popular topics on social media, sport has also been on the rise in recent years. So much so that sports such as running, cross-fit, yoga are making a comeback.

Sports influencers not only have influence, but they also have significant engagement rates, whether they address millions of followers or a targeted smaller audience.

In fact, sports equipment manufacturers haven’t been blind to the opportunity presented by this phenomenon and are increasing their marketing operations with these influencers who attract both experts and newbies. It’s also clear that the budget invested by brands in influencer marketing only continues to grow.

They prepare exercises everyday, share their sports with us and also offer invaluable advice that they share on their blogs, YouTube channels and Instagram accounts.

Influence4You uncovers its top 12 sports influencers of 2021.

1. Adriene Mishler

The most peaceful

With over 10m Youtube subscribers, and over 1 million Instagram followers, Adriene Mishler is by far one of the most successful yogis. Her personable and accessible style, and her free yoga classes have led her to become a veritable Youtube sensation, particularly during the Covid-19 lockdowns. Certified for over 15 years, Adriene’s philosophy is to bring traditional yoga into the modern day. A goal she has surely succeeded in, as one of the 100 most influential people in Health and Fitness two years in a row.

2. Chris Rogers

The most adventurous

From Cape Town, South Africa, Chris offers beautiful and exciting cinematography and photography, showcasing his adventures, whether surfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, or freediving. A GoPro aficionado, he is also co-founder of GDome, a camera housings & accessories distributor and creates his own custom filters. Boasting more than 350k Youtube subscribers and 200k Instagram followers, Chris is on the up. Adventure lovers, what are you waiting for?

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3. Littletfitness

The most down-to-earth

A calisthenics & fitness pro, Taylor (Littletfitness) offers an approach that is both wholesome and easy to grasp. Once a competitive gymnast and dancer, today she helps clients reach their fitness goals, showcasing some of her exercises on Instagram where she counts over 500k followers. Primarily video based, she demonstrates exercises that can be done with little to no equipment. Follow for handstands, backflips and splits galore!

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4. Josie Hamming

The most inspiring

Cross-fit star Josie Hamming has a lot to offer. Once a figure in the world of softball, today her Instagram account shows off her impressive feats in the gym. She also keeps track of her progress, with before-and-after pics and captions that are both inspiring and witty. Josie breaks the stereotype that women can’t be muscly, all while sharing her day-to-day lifestyle. Did we mention that she has 8-week and 12-week programs? Now you have no more excuses.

5. Cass Martin

The most badass

Construction worker turned fitness star, Cass Martin today holds an Instagram account with more than 2 million followers. She typically posts videos of her workouts (aided by her personal trainer husband, Hunter), motivating women worldwide to build strength. More recently she has launched a HIT training program to help those in lockdown stay fit. Finally, Cass regularly shares giveaways and partnerships with clothing brands, giving a chance for others to win great prizes.

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6. Keahi de Aboitiz

The most awe-inspiring

4X World Champion kitesurfer Keahi de Aboitiz makes it look easy. At least, that’s what the photos suggest, a mixture of incredible action shots, GoPro escapades and impressive seascapes. With 72k Instagram followers, it’s clear that he’s riding the wave of success. Highly sportive, Keahi also takes part in other sports including surfing, e-foiling, snowboarding and wingfoiling. He also has partnerships with many leading surf brands. If you like watersports, he’s your man!

7. Travis Burke Photography

The best shots

Photographer by nature, Travis demonstrates his lust for extreme adventure and outdoor activities. Whether its skateboarding, hiking in the mountains or paragliding, he isn’t afraid to be daring, and that’s what his followers love! With almost 800k Instagram followers and an impressive photography portfolio, he always offers something unique and the variation in his posts is astounding. If you love adventure, nature, sports, or photography, don’t give him a miss.

8. Chelsea Kauai

The deepest

Hawaii-based Chelsea Yamase is an adventure influencer with a passion for all things underwater. With stunning photography, she takes you with her on her adventures, diving deep in the ocean, swimming with whales, sharks and dolphins, and generally leading an awe-inspiring life. She is known for her eco-conscious attitudes and her deep and philosophical captions, reminding us of the need to protect the natural world. And that certainly isn’t to say that she lacks humor! With over a million followers and beautiful photography, follow her and prepare to be wowed.

9. Charlie Desilets

The most mountainous

Canadian Vanlifer Charlie Désilets is a lover of all things mountains and outdoors. An experienced snowboarder, she offers photos that highlight the exhilarating nature of the sport, with action shots and beautiful vistas. Featuring both snowy mountains and Californian beaches, she takes you along her journeys, with fun and humor. Last but not least, she is co-founder of the clothing line ‘noticethereckless’. She counts over 100k followers.

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10. Go4theglobe

The wildest

Globetrotter Krista is inspiring, to say the least. Having traveled to countless countries, the backpacker/hiker gives you wanderlust in spades, whether high in the mountains, overlooking an expansive lake or hiking near an active volcano! Not to mention she is a vinyasa yoga and yoga sculpt instructor. So if you need a little escape, join her 30k followers, and travel the world by proxy. We promise she won’t disappoint.

11. Badgal Brooky

The most real

Both mountain biker and freelance artist, Brooklyn is helping redefine what it means to be an athlete. Featuring a combination of action shots, and her beautiful art, she brings something very unique to the table, while also not shying away from activism. Her 50k followers definitely understand her appeal, and that’s a genuineness and personability that stands out in the sporting world. And that’s without mentioning the exceptional photography!

12. Malou Peterson

The snowiest

A skier from northern Sweden, Malou Peterson shows you how it’s done! Most often found slaloming down a slope, she has a fearless spirit of adventure and her photos reflect that. With regular partnerships with outdoor brands, and her Youtube channel with her friend, Kajsa, there is always something new with this influencer. It’s safe to say combining her love of skiing and traveling has paid off, and her 100k followers surely think the same.

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