Top 20 Sneakers Influencers

Top 20 sneaker influencers

Sneakers never fail to impress. From collaborations with stars to exclusive models and auctions reaching incredible prices, these shoes are driving many addicts crazy and, as in all sectors, influencers have specialised in this field. Influence4You presents our top 20!


Jen Twice is the girl to follow for some of the coolest kicks out there. This Miami-based micro influencer regularly updates her community with her new pairs and just her daily life. She is pretty active on social, with profiles on Insta, TikTok, Snapchat and Twitter.

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Blake Barash, or B Street Shoes, began with a dream to get everyone around the world wearing custom shoes. Based in Newport Beach, CA, this influencer shares their latest custom kicks to his 60k followers.

Teddy Santis

A big-name designer, Teddy Santis founded the label Aimé Leon Dore in 2014, and is today creative director of New Balance’s Made in US line. His label has nearly 900k followers on Instagram, regularly sharing outfit-sneaker pairings. A must for sneakerheads!

T Blake

The self-described “godfather of sneaker YouTube” shares informative videos on the latest footwear. Whether it’s a pair of Kanye West Yeezy Boosts or Balenciaga Triple S’, he’s the one to go to before you make a purchase. He has over 130k followers on YouTube.


A multi-talented artist specialising in everything from sneakers, fashion, tech and more, Geza is no stranger to the camera, appearing in many marketing campaigns and always looking to share the freshest sneakers on his Instagram account followed by 18k.

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Indie designer Alexandra Hackett, or Miniswoosh became known for turning everyday objects into cutting-edge streetwear. Her love of all things Nike is immediately clear. Did we mention that she’s also created her own label (Studio ALCH) and designed her own pair of Nike Air Max? She has 125k followers over on Instagram.


A true sneakerhead, this influencer from Morocco is known for sharing her favourite high-end kicks on the daily. Her Insta really showcases her passion for sneakers and when you see the boxes piled high, you know you’re dealing with someone who knows their stuff.


London-based Jess Gavigan (juicegee) puts meaning into the term ‘sneakerhead’ with her 300 pairs split between her flat and her parents’ house. She’s also an advocate for female representation in the sneaker community and store owner at Small Feet Big Kicks.

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Trainer maestro Luke Matthews is in his element. The Brand Manager at community sneaker store Size? shares photos of upcoming kicks. He also hosts Size? Previews on YouTube along with Chris Binns for a more in depth look. The brand account alone boasts 1M followers, whilst Luke has over 15k.


Virgil was quite the figure in the sneaker community. The fashion designer worked on some of the most iconic kicks, such as the Louis Vuitton x Nike Air Force 1s. His influence on streetwear culture can’t be understated. Sadly, he passed away in 2021 from a rare form of cancer. He will surely be missed!

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Perhaps the biggest TikTok sneaker influencer out there, Sherlina offers quite a wide range of content. From style tips and announcements, to memes and skits. What really sets her apart is her bold personality, so you can be sure to be entertained AND informed on everything sneaker-related. She counts over 700k followers on TikTok and 400k on YouTube.


Eddie offers a range of content for his 225k YouTube subscribers. Whether it’s men’s fashion & sneaker related videos or clothing hauls, he always has something to share. His “How to Style” series is particularly practical and it’s clear Eddie has a winning formula on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.


Another YouTuber on our list, and one of the most influential people in the sneaker world, Mr Foamer Simpson has been putting sneaker videos out for over 10 years now. With over 670k subscribers, he’s the one to go to if you want reviews and to see the latest kicks.


This list wouldn’t be complete without mention of Patrick Dempsey aka Sneaker Grandpa. This kick collector shares his favourites (often collaborative pairs) over on Instagram. We love his passion and how he drops knowledge bomb after knowledge bomb!


Next up on our list are the solebrothers. These guys review sneakers over on YouTube. You can count on them for surprisingly in-depth looks at the freshest kicks. So whether you’re after performance reviews, leaks, first impressions, or rankings, Sammy and Don are your dudes.


This Instagrammer goes by the name ‘kingoftrainers’ and for good reason. Franklin Boateng oozes passion and love for the sneaker community. Not only does he offer reviews and previews, he even has his own capsule collection. One to follow for the coolest new looks.


This Paris-based high school/uni teacher continues to impress with her stylish kicks. This collector was named as one of Nike’s Masters of Air in 2016 and she shows no signs of stopping today. One to follow for both sneaker content and her refreshing honesty!


Another sneaker addict, Rebecca’s thing is outfit pairings. Her feed is full of colour-coded get-ups, and she does a brilliant job at it at that. It’s no surprise then that she has over 160k followers on her Instagram.


A micro-influencer based in Sydney, Australia, this dad turned sneakerhead loves to share pics of his latest kicks. Looking through his feed, you’ll find a mixture of between the boldest and brightest sneakers around and heart-warming photos of him and his family. Who said fatherhood means you have to give up your dreams?

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Last but not least, we have Claude Renard, or Needlehorse, a young influencer from Zurich, Switzerland. What sets his feed apart is his photography skills, framing kicks in the most aesthetic of ways. If you’re looking for style and simplicity, he’s your man. He has over 30k followers on Instagram.

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