FitTok – The New Fitness Influencers

FitTok – The New Fitness Influencers

FitTok - The New Fitness Influencers

FitTok – The New Fitness Influencers

TikTok is a popular social media platform famous for its short videos, especially funny and lip-sync videos. But, did you know that you can also find workout videos and fitness inspiration on TikTok?

It might seem difficult to fit a workout or even a set in such a short video, but TikTok fitness influencers have found creative ways to do so. You can find all kinds of gym-based or home workout videos on TikTok where you can get inspiration from.

If you are looking for TikTok influencers whom we also call “FitTok” that you can follow to get some fitness inspiration, then you have reached the right place. In this post, we have compiled a list of 10 most popular fitness influencers on TikTok that you can choose from

1) Demi Bagby


Demi is a CrossFit athlete, bodybuilder, and one of the top female TikTok influencers. Her workout videos feature her doing different kinds of workouts in public places and are not restricted to home or the gym. From sidewalks to deserts, she has a way to work out anywhere and everywhere. So, if you’re looking for unique workout inspiration, then she should definitely be on your “fitness influencers to follow” list.

@demibagby its the cowboy in the back for me @blenderseyewear ♬ GOODIES x WORK BY MISSY ELLIOT REMIX – JRBITZ

2) Antonie Lokhorst

4.2M followes

Antonie is a 23 years online coach & social media personality with over 4 million followers. His goal is to motivate and help you become the best version of yourself.

@antonielokhorst Sharing my secret! #workout #indoorworkout #food #fyp ♬ Lpb Poody – Address It – ✨

3) Ulisses


He is a former professional bodybuilder and a popular social media personality with over 7.4 million followers on Instagram. His TikTok feed is a mix of entertainment and fitness videos, which often feature his wife, Sarah. He also invites other TikTok creators and performs duets. Overall, if you want fitness with a dose of humor, then this is the account that you should follow.

@ulissesworld Put the work in to make the change #motivation #fyp ♬ will smith. – Eric Fernandes

4) Jennifer Tavernier


She is a fitness coach who can give you a personalized workout plan based on your fitness goals. Apart from her regular workout videos, she also posts training videos with her daughter.

@minneninja 4 rounds let’s get it!! Happy New Year ladies! PS sign up for my Pullups Made Easy Challenge!! ‍♀️❤️ ❤️ #beginner #abs #abworkout #NewYearNewMiO ♬ I’m Legit – Nicki Minaj –

5) Stefana Avara


Stefana is a student and fitness influencer. She is also a personal trainer and business owner. Through her business, she works with more than 200 online clients each month and creates workout guides that help women reach their physical and mental goals.

@stefana.avaraDo this circuit 2 times! insta:♬ Rocking A Cardigan in Atlanta – lil Shordie Scott

6) Stevie Prince


If you are one of those people who are obsessed with building muscle, then you should definitely follow this account. He does not just post his workout videos but also likes to flaunt his muscles for his TikTok followers. He also coaches people on workout plans and you can message him to get a customized one for yourself.

@steveprince.fitSource: “Trust me bro”♬ Le Calin – 斌杨Remix

7) Pernilla Stryker


Pernilla Stryker is a certified personal trainer, life coach, and dancer. She has an enormous passion and interest for personal development, and fitness and always wants to continuously evolve as a human.

@pernillastryker Try this for your next abs workout at home #abs #girlabs #femaleabs ♬ edamame – bbno$

8) Rebecca Louise


Rebecca Louise is a global fitness NASM Certified Trainer, best-selling author of It Takes Grit and founder of the BTES Fitness App. An international fitness entrepreneur, Rebecca’s mission to help others overcome excuses and achieve lasting change has garnered her over 400 million views. In April 2022, she challenged herself and left to climb the Mount Everest.

@rebeccalouisefitness Do this workout everyday for 7 days to see a change 5 rounds each day! #dietiskey #femalefitness #rebeccalouise #bellyfatworkout #flattummy ♬ SAD GIRLZ LUV MONEY – Remix – Amaarae & Kali Uchis

9) Jesse James West


He is an American fitness YouTuber and TikToker, entrepreneur, and internet celebrity. He is one of the top rising stars in the fitness industry, who has achieved so much success at a very young age. Jesse James is popular for sharing fitness-related content on his YouTube channel as well on social media platforms.


I snuck into The Arnold Classic to meet my dad… Arnold Schwarzenegger

♬ original sound – Jesse James West

10) Eyal Booker


Eyal Booker is a model and TV personality best known for appearing on ITV2’s Love Island, E4’s Celebs Go Dating, and ITV’s Celebrity X Factor. He also appeared on Channel 5’s Celebs on the Ranch as well as BBC’s Celebrity Impossible. On social media he is popularly known for his fitness videos.

@eyalbooker Yeah baby ✌️ Wanna lose weight & burn fat?! Try this workout. 40 seconds work 20 rest. 6 rounds! #bodyweightworkout #bodyweight #homefit ♬ 30 – Aitch

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