Influence4You engages in climate action

Influence4You becomes the first influencer marketing company to commit to the climate by investing in CO2 capture projects

Aware of the ecological issues related to social media posts, Influence4You is implementing various actions to reduce the environmental impact of its influencer marketing activity.


Scrolling through a news feed, posting a photo or going Live on Instagram consumes a lot.

Scrolling through a news feed, posting a photo, going Live on Instagram, so many small daily gestures that, without us noticing, consume a lot. The publication of an image on the social network corresponds to 0.154 gEqCO2, the carbon equivalent of 1.3 meters driven by a light vehicle/minute*.

Well aware that influencer marketing is responsible for a significant portion of CO2 emissions, Influence4You has decided to do its part for the planet. The starting point? Carrying out a Carbon Footprint analysis with the start-up Sami to evaluate our CO2 emissions.

Of the 401 tons of CO2 generated by the company, more than 80% is not directly related to the offices or employees, many of whom take public transportation, bicycle or work from home.

Indeed, it is primarily related to digital energy consumption (promotion, maintenance and development of the Influence4You platform), which represent 14% of emissions, and in particular, to the sponsored publications of influencers on YouTube, TikTok or Instagram, which alone account for nearly 70% of emissions!

Influence4You climate action


Stéphane Bouillet

“With regard to this observation, we have a very humble approach, says Stéphane BOUILLET, the founder. Although we will continue to ask Influence4You’s collaborators to make efforts (by the way, I’m starting with myself since I just sold my car to come by electric bike), it is impossible for an influencer marketing agency to ask influencers to stop posting.

In addition, we will try to focus our customer portfolio on the actors with the lowest CO2 emissions … which is probably the most difficult change of mentality. But to move forward quickly in the short term, the largest effort will be to finance projects that sequester CO2 to match our emissions”



Influence4You becomes the first influencer marketing company to engage in climate actions

Influence4You is committed to becoming the first influencer marketer to contribute to reducing its emissions by investing in CO2 capture projects (notably reforestation projects).

And to go even further and help trap even more carbon, Influence4You offers its clients to participate (up to 1% of its operations) in the financing of projects supported by the company.


If you are interested in more environmentally responsible campaigns, contact us at Influence4You.




Carbon equivalent