The top 10 book influencers 2023


The top 10 book influencers 2023

Books have become such a big subject discussed on social media that the book-focused community of YouTube’s became known as BookTube, reaching hundreds of thousands of viewers worldwide. Since then, Bookstagrammers and more recently BookTokers emerged on the growing bookfluencer scene.

Whilst most influencers are young adults and students discussing Young Adult fiction, other kinds of literature are also addressed. When it comes to product placement, most book influencers are happy to receive a book from a publishing house before posting about it, making them the future literary critics of the digital era.

From librarians and teachers giving children’s reading advice to online book clubs and book art, there are all kinds of bookish themes on social media. Here’s Influence4You’s favourite book influencers of the moment!


The most kids-friendly

Children’s book enthusiast Melissa Taylor created Imagination Soup as a resource for parents, teachers, and librarians to know what books would get their children and students reading. The mother-of-two, writer, blogger, teacher and literacy trainer is also on Instagram and Twitter, though it’s on Facebook and Pinterest she’s most popular. As well as recommending fiction works, Melissa loves teaching using children’s books, giving learning ideas and resources in her writing curriculum.


The most comical

Cindy only owns 4 books. Why? She is against consumerism, so for all other books she reads straight from the library. Cindy is a BookTuber with a good dose of self-deprecating humour. Her content is always creative and engaging, earning her currently around 280K subscribers. She entertains her community with wrap-ups, summaries, read-with-me vlogs, or artsy book cover redesigns. ‘Book Roasts’ is perhaps her most hilarious playlist. She is also an advocate for diversity in literature, which she shows by hosting the Asian Read-athon. Another cool thing about her is her shout-outs to smaller BookTubers.


The most different

Kate Gavino goes to a lot of book readings in New York and some in Paris too. Starting in 2013, she became famous with her simple coloured pen drawings illustrating authors and her favourite quote from the night. Her account features words of wisdom spoken by each of the authors, giving you reading inspiration and an idea of the personalities behind the books. The idea is simple and addictive. It’s not surprising that the project itself was turned into a book in 2015, a collection of these illustrations over the years. For other book nerds living around New York, Kate’s website also gives tips on where to find book readings if you wanted to join in on the literary action too.


The most artistic

The definition of book porn. This bookish account is a mixture of book covers with a beautiful, if often slightly chaotic, aesthetic. You’ll start scrolling through for the artistic composition just as much as the book reviews and discussion in the captions. The best thing is that no two pictures are the same, as a different atmosphere is created around the work featured in the frame. The art feels like a continuation of the book cover extended into the reader’s reality, and it’s positively enchanting!

James Tullos

The most clever

From 1984 and Brave New World to Twilight and its “clones”, Jame’s BookTube channel goes deeper than most and takes an analytical approach to the stories he reads. A science fiction and fantasy fan, James makes in-depth videos explaining the intricate and mythical worlds created by his favourite authors. He also addresses interesting remarks he’s made from his reading through literary criticism videos. This makes James a very clever and entertaining account to follow, even when you haven’t read the same books as him.


The most ‘high school’ books

Onto BookTokers: Miss Bogan brings us the ‘Official account of Great Valley High School Library’. By far one of the coolest librarians out there, Ms B really recreates the community aspect of her library in this account. Her videos often make light-hearted fun of librarians and students. There are also many helpful lists as she posts thought-out recommendations for her students on different themes, like dealing with difficult issues, adventure, or feel-good books.

Cait’s books

The most recommended for young adults

Cait is always posting book recommendations, from individual titles to series. She also co-runs an online book club, The Bookington Club, that anyone can join! Book club members vote for the book of the month on Discord, and the literature fans can then discuss and meet other book-minded people through the live streams on TikTok and Twitch. Aside from that Cait also posts book memes but also some interesting thoughts on literature, and often raises awareness on topics to do with mental health.

 The Artisan Geek

The most diverse

What’s great about Seji’s channel is that where most BookTubers solely focus on Young Adult fiction, she also reads many classics and is passionate about intentional reading. Her reading suggestions are therefore highly diverse, with a wide range of authors. You’ll love her guide on reading poetry, for example, or highlights of lesser-known Black or LGBTQ+ classics. Seji’s channel starts interesting conversations around literature, like when she posts on subjects such as books and Amazon, recommendations on books on racism, or talks about reading works by problematic authors. PS: she starts her videos with a quick note on her outfit that day with a disclaimer on how she stopped buying fast fashion!


The coolest book-worm

Another classic BookTuber with a bright, sparkling energy is Regan, a student who likes “to talk about books“. She posts 24-hour reading vlogs, reviews, reading hauls, tier rankings, and recommendations depending on the season or theme… You’ll find everything from cry-worthy books to cozy and ‘comfort’ reads for winter, or fantasy trope rankings. She presents every video with her big smile and cool composure. Regan also has a big following on Instagram, where you can also see her fashion-loving side and cute pug Clay.


The most unrecommended books

Reading with Emily Fox means recommendations, and all the books she wants to read… But also: books from the pile of shame, the weirdest and most disappointing books. Or (worst) still: popular book series she won’t be finishing, authors she won’t be reading from again (and some she gives second chances to), and the worst popular YA books. Emily’s channel is therefore all about recommending some books, and not recommending others. It’s also reorganizing her bookshelf, Goodreads Choice Awards Winners book challenges, read-athons, and discussions on literary themes. Lots of great and creative content for fellow bookworms, to say the least!

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