The Top 12 Pet Influencers in 2023

The Top 12 Pet Influencers in 2022

The Top 12 Pet Influencers in 2023

What’s better than cute animal pictures to spark a smile or trigger a positive emotion on the Web? Nothing! That’s why our furry friends have long been the Internet’s favorite. We have all watched at least one viral animal video. Remember the famous “Dramatic Chipmunk”? This five-second video has been viewed millions of times on YouTube and features a sharp-eyed prairie dog abruptly turning his face toward the camera with a surprised and intense stare. In recent years, a new phenomenon has grown: animal influencers.

Whether they have dedicated Instagram accounts, are the companions of celebrities or are passionate people who share their interest with us, animal influencers have an increasingly important place on social media. Their millions of followers attract brands that do not hesitate to focus on them when deciding of their marketing strategies. These collaborations allow advertisers to obtain better results than with human influencers!

For all these reasons, Influence4You has curated a selection of the 12 best animal influencers of 2023. This list full of cuteness will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy.


The most kardashian

In 2017 Kylie Jenner made an Instagram account for her dog, Norman. She later on adopted another Italian greyhound, Normie. She posts pictures of the pair where they have 364 000 followers. These dogs live a life of luxury, head to their account to see these elegant pups living their best lives!

Juniper Foxx

The happiest

Juniper and her fox friends are without a doubt the most famous foxes on the Internet. It’s rather rare to see domesticated foxes. Thanks to their adoptive family, Juniper and her friends live a peaceful life and have even befriended Moose, the house dog. Their adventures are followed by 3 million followers on Instagram.

Chowder The Bear Dog

The cutest

Instagram star Chowder is one of the cutest animal influencers on social media. With his fluffy and plush appearance, a distinctive Chow Chow dog breed characteristic, Chowder already has 390 000 followers on Instagram. The Internet has fell in love with this furry teddy bear as well as brands who love to offer him partnerships. How can you not to fall in love with this adorable face?

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A post shared by Chowder (@chowderthebeardog)

Teddy The Shetland

The best mane

Teddy The Shestland is the pony that every little girl dreams of. With his blond mane so carefully styled, Ted is Instagram’s sweetheart where he has 156 000 followers. With his funny photos and especially his original look, Ted won’t leave you indifferent!

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The most selfless

Elizabeth Jones is an animal rights activist, marine biologist, and founder of the nonprofit organization Operation Liberation. With 47 000 followers, the activist shares her work: rescuing animals, finding forever homes, care…  On her feed, she posts the mandatory cute adoption day pictures and shares the stories of all her recues.


The most Hollywood

Amanda Seyfried’s Australian Shepherd Finn has his own separate Instagram account on which he has 80 000 followers. The actress met on him the set of Big Love when he was still a pup! Initially just thinking of fostering him, Amanda fell in love with this energetic fur ball and adopted him. Since then the pair has been inseparable, Amanda even making sure Finn is allowed on set in all of her movies.

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The most popular

With over 10 million followers, Jiff is the most popular animal on social media. In addition to appearing in movies, releasing a book and having his own emoji line, the Pomeranian dog holds two Guinness World Records for his speed! This foxy-faced dog is as cute as he is intelligent!

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A post shared by j i f f p o m (@jiffpom)


The most adventurous

Travel and lifestyle Instagrammer Marti Gutfreund, creator of enchanted.forest, is the owner of Suki, an adorable cat with piercing blue eyes. Suki’s human mom takes him with her in all her travels. She posts beautiful photos showcasing the feline’s majestic beauty. You don’t need to be a cat lover to fall in love with this mischievous fur ball.

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A post shared by Suki Cat (@sukiicat)


The most exotic

Diddy Kong and Yeti Kong are the most famous monkeys on Instagram. These marmosets love taking baths and eating banana pancakes! Best friends, the two inseparable primates do everything together! Go check their account to see their beautiful smiles radiating happiness.

Paul Nicklen

The most wildlife

SeaLegacy cofounder and NatGeo contributor Paul Nicklen is a Canadian photographer and marine biologist.  Growing up in the tiny Inuit town of Baffin Island with no access to television, radio, or cell phones, he has a deep appreciation for nature and the wildlife. He shares on his feed with over 7 million followers beautiful pictures of Arctic species like polar bears, orcas and seals.

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Maya Polar Bear

The most endearing

Maya is a Samoyed with an angelic face and beautiful white fur. She has reached 2 million followers on Instagram. With her wide smile, Maya is among the most endearing animal influencers. Brands have also succumbed to her charm and regularly hire her for collabs.


The Most Memeable

Smudge the Cat, better known as Table Cat became famous in 2019 when the “woman yelling at a cat” meme became viral. With 1.5 million followers and countless meme, Smudge’s face is all over the Internet! Go check his account if you want to see more pictures of him judging vegetables.

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