The top 10 family influencers

The top 10 family influencers

You’re expecting your first child and don’t even know where to begin? You’re overwhelmed and trying to juggle your working life on top of family life? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, though family influencers can bring you solutions and support, they too know what it’s like to go through tough times, and they don’t hesitate to share this on their social media too.

It’s thanks to this authentic portrayal of everyday life that they have more and more followers, widely appreciated by other parents who recognize themselves in the stories they share. Whether they are bloggers, Instagramers or YouTubers, family influencers confide in us, sharing tips and advising their community the best they can from their own experience.

Doting fathers, stay-at-home mums or single mothers, pregnant women, big families with step-parents, there’s such a wide range of family influencers that they’re sure to speak to all kinds of parents (and even kids!). This particular phenomenon has grown over the last few years and attracted numerous advertisers of this sector. Today some of these influencers have even become “parentpreneurs” collaborating with different brands.

To inspire you through your daily lives of parenthood, Influence4you has selected its top 10 family influencers in 2020.


Louise Pentland

The most real

Louise is THE mumfluencer. Covering the toughest aspects of motherhood, from PSTD to divorce, all whilst keeping her natural cheerfulness and energy have made her one of the top online mums with a huge following. Her blog is an amazing resource for other mums to find support through honest and uplifting content.


Ashlay Soto

The most entertaining

This Texan “bored stay-at-home mom” of three decided to make funny videos “that moms can relate to” and became a TikTok comedy star. Ashlay had her first daughter when she was 17, and is glad that her videos speak both to kids and mums. She’s found that TikTok opened up a new world of fun and is a real creative outlet for her to fight the loneliness that can come with stay-at-home life. Actually, she encourages other mothers to do the same and recommends TikTok as a way to explore what their kids are doing, and to let their hair down and do their own thing.


The most witty

What Tina doesn’t seem to have much of? Taboos. What she does have? A great sense of humour. The blackboard she holds up with funny captions offers light-hearted and frank openers for real conversations around pregnancy and motherhood in which her community can find support. She’s one to follow through all the ups and downs of growing a family, whilst reflecting on the constant learning curve of what it is to be a mother. With energy, enthusiasm, gratefulness… and lots of hilarious honesty!



The cutest babies

Whether it’s her identical twin girls or new baby Luke, these might just be the cutest babies on social media! Mum Amber delights us with adorable photos, among which she mingles funny videos featuring her three kids. On her own Instagram account we discover the chef that works for Le Cordon Bleu in London, as well as her travels and family life with daddy Peter. For the full picture of how this all began, you need to head to her website. There you’ll find recipes, Amber’s breastfeeding journey with her twins, and their collaborations.


Slummy Single Mummy

The most supportive

This single mummy’s blog is a delight to read. It’s no wonder it’s received so many awards, and such a huge readership. Jo Middleton became famous as a mum for her recipes, tips, and generally sharing the “(mis)adventures of a single mum” until she eventually also wrote a book about it. The imaginative ‘rants’ section (featuring buckets or Gwyneth Paltrow lately) is a particularly fun read. Now this mummy is a “40+ cat lady” and even a granny, you’ll also find her on social media from Instagram to Twitter. She is a true resource; you should also look out for her ‘Untold Stories‘ section she opened for parents to share stories anonymously and allow them to find support around difficult and taboo subjects.


Flying the nest

The ones who changed their vlogging genre

Flying the nest started in 2015 as the story of Aussie couple Stephen and Jess doing just that: travelling full time across the globe. But a few months ago this became a family vlog with the arrival of baby Hunter. For those who loved the refreshing energy and honesty of the couple who even told us about the time they broke up on their new podcast, this will be the family to look out for to discover with them what it’s like to travel and grow a family. From living through the moment they discover they’re going to have a baby, to the gender reveal, birth, and now the baby’s first Halloween… a whole new adventure awaits them now there’s a new full-time traveller in the gang.


The LaBrant Fam

The most picture-perfect

Meet Cole, Savannah, their daughters Everleigh and Posie, and the newest addition, little Zealand. There are a lot of celebrities and movie stars in California, but with millions of followers this is definitely one of the golden state’s most well-loved families. YouTube will give you the complete story, from settling into their new home to zoo outings. However Cole and Savannah, and now even Everleigh also have their individual Instagram accounts with millions of followers. Highlights definitely include the family’s readiness to get into costumes or matching outfits!



The cook-at-home daddy

Mat Riley started his YouTube channel fresh off the Great British Bake Off in 2015. However, this baking channel cooked up something else as it increasingly showed Mat’s growing family. For example, with the unexpected home birth of baby Elsie, mum Alex gave updates on her post-partum, and the struggle of going from one to two children in her playlist ‘Wife of Riley’. Now you’ll mainly find the couple and their kids Ru and Elsie on Instagram. Along with savoury and sweet recipes for the whole family to enjoy, of course!


Candice Brathwaite

The most straight-talking

Candice is a bold and fashion-loving mother, wife, woman. She founded Make Motherhood Diverse, an online initiative to encourage more accurate and diverse depictions of motherhood in the media. In her blog and Instagram presence, Candice is showing her own story of a black family living its everyday life through original and empowering content. You’ll find her texts gives food for thought, and her images often leave you with a smile.


Clemmie Telford

The most ‘list-full’

Clemmie Telford is the curator of the Mother of All Lists and also behind the Honestly Podcast. She publishes her new lists and podcast updates on her Instagram, honest and insightful. You’ll also find her social media featuring witty captions about motherhood and all that comes with it: family, mental health, pregnancy, wrinkles, colourful images, baby shoes…


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