Top 10 Family Influencers in 2021

Top 10 Family Influencers in 2021

The Top 10 Family Influencers in 2021

Are you expecting your first child and thinking “what ‘do I do now?”. Are you struggling to balance work and family life? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! You will find plenty of families online to relate to!

On top of providing you with practical tips and hacks, these folks don’t hesitate to share their struggles and hardships. Their authenticity allows people to recognize themselves in their lives and stories. Whether they are bloggers, Instagrammers or YouTubers, parenting influencers tell their stories, share useful tips and try to provide the best advice possible to their communities.

Dads, stay-at-home moms, solo moms, moms-to-be, pregnant women, large or stepfamilies: their varied profiles speak to a wide range of parents. In recent years, these accounts have gained popularity on social media and are very attractive to brands.

Today, some of these influencers have even become successful ‘parentpreneurs’ and collaborate with various brands.

To inspire you in your daily life as a parent, Influence4you has selected 12 family influencers to follow in 2021.


The most vibrant

If you like colorful and bright pictures, you will love Charmaine’s (@charmsie) Instagram account where she has 87k followers. Blogger and YouTuber (70.3k followers), she posts product reviews, fashion tips for moms, interior decorating inspirations and more! Her second Instagram account (@mamaspicemagic) is dedicated to book and toy reviews and life hacks. She also shares tips and product adapted to her son who is on the spectrum. Check out Charmaine’s feed for vibrant pictures and daily inspiration.


The most fashionable

Fashion and travel influencer Casey Goode (@officiallyquigley) is adjusting to life as a new mom. Mom to Max born in 2020, she shares with her 335k followers a mixture of curated pictures, raw moments and everything in between. If you’re looking for a realistic representation of motherhood with a touch of glam, Casey is your gal!


The most witty

What Tina doesn’t seem to have much of? Taboos. What she does have? A great sense of humour. The blackboard she holds up with funny captions offers light-hearted and frank openers for real conversations around pregnancy and motherhood in which her community can find support. She’s one to follow through all the ups and downs of growing a family, while reflecting on the constant learning curve of what it is to be a mother. With energy, enthusiasm, gratefulness… and lots of hilarious honesty!


The yummiest

In 2007, Catherine created Weelicious to help parents expose their children to wholesome, delicious homemade food. With 307k followers on Instagram and Kenya (12), Chloe (10) and Gemma (4), Mom is busy! She’s wrote two cookbooks for families and uploads how to videos and cooking tips for moms on Youtube (203k followers) every Tuesdays and Thursdays!

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Slummy Single Mummy

The most supportive

This single mummy’s blog is a delight to read. It’s no wonder it’s received so many awards, and such a huge readership. Jo Middleton became famous as a mum for her recipes, tips, and generally sharing the “(mis)adventures of a single mum” until she eventually also wrote a book about it. The imaginative ‘rants’ section (featuring buckets or Gwyneth Paltrow lately) is a particularly fun read. Now this mummy is a “40+ cat lady” and even a granny, you’ll also find her on social media from Instagram to Twitter. She is a real resource; you should also look out for her ‘Untold Stories‘ section she opened for parents to share stories anonymously and allow them to find support around difficult and taboo subjects.

Flying the nest

The ones who changed their vlogging genre

Flying the nest started in 2015 as the story of Aussie couple Stephen and Jess doing just that: travelling full time across the globe. But a few months ago this became a family vlog with the arrival of baby Hunter. For those who loved the refreshing energy and honesty of the couple who even told us about the time they broke up on their new podcast, this will be the family to look out for to discover with them what it’s like to travel and grow a family. From living through the moment they discover they’re going to have a baby, to the gender reveal, birth, and now the baby’s first Halloween… a whole new adventure awaits them now there’s a new full-time traveller in the gang.


The largest

This family of 8 from Hawaii travel the word and film their adventures. With 3.62M followers on Youtube, Jase, Rachel and their 6 children are expert vloggers. ʻOhana’ is Hawaiian for ‘family’ and these folks have a way to make you feel at home: everyday adventures, fun family games, treasure hunts, silly skits, you won’t be bored!


The most Dad jokes

British dad Simon Hooper shares his daily life as the only male in the house for the greatest delight of his 304k followers. Simon leaves with his wife and their 4 teenage daughters. Head to his feed for the funny and witty captions and stay for the realness!

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Macs Explore

The most athletic

Beating Stage 4 cancer gave Christina a greater appreciation for life and inspired her to chase her dreams. In 2017 she and her family launched an Instagram account and their blog, Adventure Together. They inspire their growing community of 68.4k followers to travel and explore the outdoors near and far. Between gear advice, inspiration and cool sponsorships, the Mcevoy family has a lot to offer!

Macs Explore

Instagram’s profile of Macs_explore

Clemmie Telford

The most ‘list-full’

Clemmie Telford is the curator of the Mother of All Lists and also behind the Honestly Podcast. She publishes her new lists and podcast updates on her Instagram, honest and insightful. You’ll also find her social media featuring witty captions about motherhood and all that comes with it: family, mental health, pregnancy, wrinkles, colourful images, baby shoes…

With the largest age group on Instagram being 25–34 (33.1%), you can see why parenting influencers are blowing up on social media and why brands are increasingly interested in this segment.

Did you know that the average age of influencers is 28 on the Influence4You platform? If you are a family/parent brand, contact us here to launch your campaigns!

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