Live Shopping and Influencer Marketing Guide

Live Shopping and Influencer Marketing Guide

Live Shopping and Influencer Marketing Guide

Live Shopping (or Livestreaming) is a phenomenon in Asia and more specifically, in China. Live Shopping and Chinese influencer figures are staggering:

  • the Live Shopping market is expected to reach 154 billion euros in 2021
  • This represents 4.1% of e-commerce in China
  • in the first 6 months of 2020, more than 10 million livestreams were held generating over 50 billion views
  • 50,000 live shopping sessions per day for a daily audience of 260 million people
  • Chinese influencer Xinba generated 254 million euros in sales during a 12-hour live session on the Kuaishou platform
  • Li Jiaqi, an influencer and lipstick tester with 30 million followers, also broke his record and sold 125 million Euros worth of products in a single session

Web giants in the West have understood the importance of Live Shopping and are playing catch up.

Their main challenge is to harmonise their mobile applications to offer not only payment functions but also e-commerce functions (stores, catalogs…) so that the user can stay in the application throughout their shopping experience.

Giants such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube have launched tests and beta versions, especially in the United States, in order to speed up developments.

This awareness has already led to e-commerce players positioning themselves in Live Shopping to gain experience before the next social network features come out.

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It is in this context that Influence4You is releasing a special Live Shopping and Influencer Marketing Guide for free download!

What does this practical guide contain?

  • Live Shopping figures around the world
  • Current and upcoming Live Shopping features by social network (Instagram, TikTok, YouTube…)
  • The best examples of Live Shopping from e-retailers
  • The best Live shopping replays from influencers
  • Current market offers
  • The benefits of Live Shopping for your strategy
  • The influencer, the key to Live Shopping

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Guide Live Shopping and Influencer Marketing

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