The top 10 wellness influencers

10 top wellness influencers

Making wellness and wellbeing part of our everyday lives has become essential for many people in order to find moments of peace in our busy days, and to live a more fulfilling life. Whether it’s through yoga, sports and fitness, healthy or plant-based diets and other forms of relaxation, everyone’s got their own method to unwind.

Some influencers have decided to share their own methods, inspiring and supporting their audience in finding their wellbeing, and have created wellness-focused accounts. That’s why Influence4You would like to present our selection of 10 top wellness influencers, who have our wellbeing at heart!



Yoga has become a real lifestyle helping us live more healthy and relaxed lives. This account gives everything from tips to reach a yoga pose you may be struggling with to help on how not to stress at work. Beyond that, it’s full of positive phrases and mantras to keep you breathing and smiling. It’s a great source of daily motivation for taking care of yourself and holding up both mentally and physically.



Georgia Harding is a naturopath and author of recipe books and blog for healthy eating. She is also a food photographer, which makes looking through her recipes even more appealing. As well as delicious recipes, Georgia gives practical health tips to make cooking healthier, to reduce oil and sugar and eat more healthily.


Om and the city is all about general wellness spreading from your mind, body to the planet. Jules Acree is a Texan girl full of top practical tips for a better mindset and more intentional, simpler lifestyle. Her ‘mindful videos’, which she publishes on her YouTube and TikTok accounts, are full of helpful advice from organizing your workday, to decluttering DIY around the house. Her account is brimming with gentle humour, helpful ideas and green plants!



Jo is a sexual wellness coach helping women feel empowered and express themselves. Her texts are thought-provoking and encourage self-love, body positivity and acceptance. Based in San Francisco, Jo is also a fitness and holistic health blogger. You’ll find her on YouTube, VSCO, Pinterest, Facebook, as well as Instagram and her website where you can book a ‘quickie’ coaching session.



Another yogi on our list! Jessamyn Stanley focuses on body positivity and on making yoga inclusive to everybody. She launched her yoga streaming platform, and you can also find advice on Instagram along with motivational quotes and memes. She is also the author of Everybody Yoga.


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Dr Deepika Chopra

Dr Deepika Chopra is all about the good vibes! She’s dedicated her life to researching happiness and has even started a podcast calls ‘Things are looking up’. This optimism doctor who warns against ‘toxic positivity’ is a must follow if you’re feeling down.


Luke Coutinho

Luke Coutinho is a holistic lifestyle coach. You’ll find lots of nutrition tips and motivation to change your mindset. Co-author of ‘The magic Weight Loss Pill’, he advocates for finding the right quality, quantity and balance of food for a healthy and happy lifestyle, with as little sugar as possible.

Candice Kumai

With an engagement rate above 3% and 150K followers, this New York-based bestselling author and chef is a source of inspiration and feel good vibes. She’s writing her 7th book now, but still finds time to pack loads of information on Japanese food, wellness, culture and matcha on her website and Instagram. Japan and its food and tea are part of her family heritage, and she shares it with us in her recipes.


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Lauren Bongiorno

Lauren is a holistic lifestyle coach, focused on confidence, fitness, and notably diabetic health. She is the founder of @diabetichealthjournal but also the group coaching program for female T1D in the form of the Decide and Conquer Bootcamp. Lauren believes in initiating mindset and behaviour change, as well as creating that change through support and accountability as a way to thrive.



Though this list is predominantly female, wellness is far from being reserved to women. Here’s a Mexican American male chef, Edgar Castrejon, based in California. He studied nutrition and focuses on plant-based food, and also shares his recipes with heartfelt messages and food tips on his Instagram and his website.


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