TikTok Influencer Marketing Agency

TikTok Influencer Marketing Agency

TikTok Influencer Marketing Agency

TikTok is a social media platform that broke all records in 2021. The people who are using TikTok for their business are increasing day-by-day for exponential growth.

TikTok can be a goldmine of engagement for your business. The platform mainly focuses on content creation rather than pushing on monetization making it a viable option for better reach.

Facts about TikTok:-

  • Launched in 2014 and previously known as “Musical.ly”
  • In 2017 it was acquired by Bytedance LTD and was named “TikTok”.
  • TikTok is not owned by Facebook.
  • TikTok is the most popular app on the Appstore since 2019 with 3+ billion app installs worldwide.
  • 1.5B monthly active users.
  • TikTok users spend an average of 52 minutes per day on the app.
  • 45% of its audience is exclusive with Instagram.

A brand that wants faster results must consider TikTok to promote your products and services because unlike other social media platforms where the first step is to build a network, but on TikTok, it’s only the content that counts.

content is king

TikTok offers endless possibilities and challenges everyone’s freedom of expression, it is all about entertainment and discovery.

TikTok Influencer Marketing Agency

Benefits of launching your TikTok influencer marketing campaign by outsourcing it to an agency:

1) Save time: Outsourcing the influencer marketing campaign to an agency will help you save a lot of time because you need to collaborate with more than two influencers at once to get better results. Searching for the best influencers in your niche can be a difficult task, but since agencies are experts in this field it is faster for them to find one for you, also the agency takes over the communication with the influencers.

2) Using Influencer Platform: There are 100M+ influencers on social media and maintaining its data is tedious. Therefore, agencies access the data of each influencer using Influencer Marketing Platforms, where they can see the average number of likes, views, comments, engagement rate, and others of each influencer and find the right influencers for your brand.

The influencer’s performance

3) Ongoing process: Coordinating with an influencer marketing agency to handle your influencer campaigns leads to a more consistent consumer experience. The agencies generally know who is likely to work best with your brand’s audience and help you achieve desired results.

4) Work with Experts: Since influencer marketing agencies are specialists in their field, they understand how influencer marketing works. Therefore, it can lead to a considerable reduction in the workload of your in-house marketing team, also the agency has its own copywriters, photographers, designers, and other specialists (if needed).

Experts in Influencer Marketing for 10+ years.

5) Build Relation: While working with the influencer marketing agency, you build a long-term relationship with them and it becomes easier for the agency to work with influencers to present your brand story because they develop a deep understanding of your brand goals and the messages you want the influencers to deliver.

6) Prepared Contracts: The agency has a contract that is already prepared for businesses that want to collaborate with influencers. This contract is to be signed by both the brand and the influencer. The terms and conditions are entered as per negotiations done between the influencer and the brand, for instance, few influencers don’t allow the brands to reuse their content for other marketing purposes.

7) Creating engaging content: Since the agency will be working on your influence campaigns, they will already know which type of content engages most of the audience and which influencer is doing its best to deliver it. Later, based on the contract signed the brands might reuse these high-quality brand content created by the agency and the influencer for marketing purposes in the future, making it true evergreen content.

@charlidameliohbd @morphe2 ##morphe2quadgoals ##morphepartner♬ Grab and Glow – Morphe 2

8) Remuneration of the influencer: Let the experts handle it! Agencies are aware of the influencer market and it works. Based on the type of business, campaign duration, and the type of influencers like micro, macro, mega, and star influencers, the agency has defined the prices to be paid to the influencer for their work keeping all the aspects in mind. Hence you don’t have to juggle here too.

9) Influencer Ranking based on their collaboration: The influencer platform gives ranking all the influencers based on the number of successful collaborations completed and to keep a track of the best influencers based on the ranking and to see if the influencers are serious or not. It also contains a review/ feedback for each influencer given by the brands who collaborated with them.

Influence4You influencer marketing platform

Influence4You, an influencer marketing agency

Influence4You is an Influencer Marketing Agency. We help brands by promoting their products and services, managing their influencer campaign, and improving engagement as the content is launched on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and others.

Influence4You Advertising Agency Features: 

  • Campaign Management 
  • Collaboration
  • Document Management 
  • File Sharing
  • Project Management 
  • Task Management
  • Time Tracking.

We have grown a lot and were able to build great trust with many brands. 

clients of influence4you

Brands take advantage of our authenticity to find the right influencers in their niche and manage the influencer campaigns effectively via Influence4You, the most complete platform on the market!

Influence4You is also an Influencer Marketing Platform with more than 200,000 subscribed influencers and access to 100 million profiles all around the world. 

Influencers can register for free and start their journey as Influencer on social media. Influencers can earn money online by collaborating with brands in their niche.

Unlike, any other influencer marketing platform Influence4You has a built-in feature that detects fake followers of an influencer.

Select an influencer's profile

Influencer4You for TikTok influence marketing campaigns

Influence4You manages the TikTok influencer campaigns for brands. We help brands to launch new products, increase brand awareness, optimize exposure, and educate audiences about the brands’ products and services.

We provide premium influencer campaign management services, including product placement outreach and influencer event management. 

Our agency also offers creative skills to design a state-of-the-art, branded content.  

Of course, for a video-focused app like TikTok, Influence4You can reach out to content creators (influencers on TikTok) and create high-quality content through influencer tactics and content strategy.

Influence4You’s influencer marketing and partner relationship management ensure smooth communication and high response rates.

Our agency works with influencers across the full spectrum of social networks, including TikTok. We help find the best influencers for your target market and campaign. Influence4You uses a dedicated team of influence experts to manage their clients’ campaigns.

Influence4You is offering a new creative guide of 50+ ideas for your influencer campaigns on TikTok, the fast-growing social network. Download your free 160 pages eBook today!

TikTok: A Creative Guide: 50+ ideas for your influencer campaigns

Download creative guide of 50+ ideas for your influencer campaigns on TikTok

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If you want to launch your influencer marketing campaign with Influencer4You, Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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