How to join the YouTube Partner Programme and make money?

How to join the YouTube Partner Programme and make money?

How to join the YouTube Partner Programme and make money?



YouTube Partner Programme

The YouTube Partner Programme (YPP) enables revenue-sharing from Ads being served on your content. It also gives creators better access to YouTube resources and features like direct access to –


YouTube Partner Programme Requirements

The minimum eligibility criteria to join the program:

  1. You must be living in a country/region where the YouTube Partner Programme is available.
  2. You shouldn’t have any active Community Guidelines strikes on your channel.
  3. You must follow all of the YouTube Channel Monetisation Policies. This is a collection of policies that allow you to monetize, to potentially earn money on YouTube.
  4. You must link your YouTube channel with your AdSense account
  5. You must have more than 1K subscribers.
  6. You must have more than 4K valid public watch hours in the last 12 months.


B) How to set up your YouTube Partner Programme Account

YouTube offers a variety of options for businesses and individuals to promote their products and services. For creators, YouTube can also be an effective tool to generate additional income from active viewers. This is achieved through the YouTube Partner Program, which pays you for allowing advertisers to show relevant ads before showing your uploaded video.

  1. Log in >  Creators & Partners > Become a Partner > Get Started.
  2. Enable my Account > Read and agree to terms of service page > Accept.

  3. Now enable the types of Ads you wish to display on your videos. The Ads include
  • Ad overlays: It will display sponsored commercials at the bottom of your video.
  • YouTube’s TrueView in-stream Ads: It displays Ads prior to playing your video.

      4. Now click “Monetize” to effectively set up your YouTube Partner Program and monetize your videos.

How to earn money on YouTube?

A) Earn money as a YouTuber.

Once your YouTube Partner account is activated, you are good to go!  The YouTube Partnership program allows content creators to monetize their videos. Being a  part of the YouTube Partner Program allows you to tap into multiple revenue streams, including ad revenue, Livestream monetization features, and product merchandising. 

Earn money as an influencer

B) Earn money as an Influencer on Youtube.

Nowadays it’s much easier to watch a video online at any time from anywhere. Therefore, brands look forward to using YouTube influencer marketing to target more audiences and increase brand awareness. 

Brands want to collaborate with the Influencers on Youtube (Youtuber) who could help them promote their products and services effectively. But finding the right influencer out of 100M+ profiles is time-consuming. Hence, they use the Influencer Marketing platform which helps them to access all the profiles in their niche in one single click. They can access all the important information like no. of. followers, engagement rate, and others.

An influencer or a YouTuber can register at this platform for free and collaborate with brands and earn money.


Home page campaigns



YouTube Search Optimization

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world and to provide its users with relevant search results, YouTube relies on content and keywords to understand what the videos are all about. Since YouTube works similar Google, here’s what you should keep in mind:


1) Video Optimization:

Do keyword research, and optimize the video titles by including higher search volume keywords, just as you would optimize your headlines for blog posts. Your main keyword in the video title will help you get potential viewers.


2) Include video tags:

Similar to Hashtags and the “Tags” on YouTube. Tags help YouTube to understand the context of your content. You must use keyword-optimized tags and list them based on relevance and their importance. We suggest you to use 8 – 10 tags that contain longtail keywords and track your competitors to see how they are using tags on their videos to get further inspiration.


 3) Add video description. 

Adding a detailed description and transcripts of the video before publishing helps to optimize your content and rank on the YouTube search results.

Also, switch on the feature of automatically generated “closed captions”, they are crawlable by search engines by making it a simple way to boost that SEO power. 


4) Share links to your channels and videos. 

It is better to get more visits to your videos and channels. This means you should share your content across all your social media and link to them in your and /or others’ blog posts because backlinks matters on YouTube too. 

You can also share the link to your video and/or channel with your friends and family.


5) Encourage Engagement. 

Your video ranking can increase if more audiences engage with your content. On YouTube, you can simply encourage your audience to “comment” by posing a question or asking for topic suggestions for the next video. You can also ask your viewers to “like” your video and “subscribe” to your channel. If you have a high engagement rate YouTube is to think it’s popular.



6) Continuous Improvement

It’s important to stay updated and understand what your audience is looking for. By using free tools like YouTube Studio and YouTube Analytics you can learn and analyze your content and identify areas of improvement. You can also get insights into which points in your video the audience seems to be losing interest in, with this data you can edit or optimize your content which keeps your audience engaged till the end of the video.


YouTube analytics



7) Stay consistent

As the YouTube Partner Programme continues to grow, it’s important to stay consistent by posting new content at regular intervals. You can make a schedule like “publishing 1 video every Monday” or similar. YouTube’s algorithm ranks the Youtube channel that is active and is engaged with the community. 

Note: YouTube can disable monetization on channels that haven’t uploaded a video or posted to the community tab for six months or more.




The requirements to become a YouTube partner are simple. Although, creating content that engages an audience needs dedication and focus. Don’t forget consistency is the key to success!



As a creator take advantage of this Youtube Partner Program and the Influencer Marketing platforms which could potentially help you grow and earn money online.


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