Top Gaming YouTubers in 2022

Die TOP 20 Gaming-YouTuber 2022

 Top Gaming YouTubers in 2022

Want to know who the biggest gaming Youtubers are, and in particular, who grew fastest last month? Then you’ll find just what you’re looking for in our up-to-date chart below! You may discover the next Gotaga, Pewdiepie, Vegeta777 or simply find out the most influential gaming youtubers on YouTube. These influencers are also very active on Twitter, Instagram and especially Twitch, the excellent livestreaming platform. As you can see, these statistics are for the last month and are updated on the first Monday of each month at 2.30pm.

Which video game/gaming YouTubers have the most subscribers?

# Channel Subscribers Avg. views Audience Country
1 PewDiePie @PewDiePie Pewdiepie 110.4M 3.3M United States
2 VEGETTA777 @vegetta777 Vegeta777 32.7M 434.5K Mexico
3 Markiplier @markiplierGAME markiplierGame 30.1M 2.2M United States
4 Total Gaming @ Total Gaming 29.1M 1.6M India
5 Mikecrack @ mikecrack 28.3M 4.3M Mexico
6 jacksepticeye @jacksepticeye Jacksepticeye 27.5M 1.3M United States
7 Dream @DreamTraps dreamTraps 26.8M 11.4M United States
8 Talking Tom @TalkingTomCat TalkingTomCat 26.5M 716.8K United States
9 VanossGaming @VanossGaming VanossGaming 25.6M 1.2M United States
10 DanTDM @TheDiamondMinecart TheDiamondMinecart 25.6M 2M United States
11 TheDonato @ TheDonato 25.6M 912.4K Mexico
12 Ninja @NinjasHyper NinjasHyper 24M 71.2K United States
13 Jess No Limit @ Jess No Limit 23.6M 466.7K Indonesia
14 MrBeast Gaming @ MrBeastGaming 22.5M 13.4M United States
15 Jelly @JellyYT JellyYT 22.4M 568.7K United States
16 Techno Gamerz @ TechnoGamerz 21.5M 6.6M India
17 AboFlah @ AboFlah 19.9M 4.9M Saudi Arabia
18 FGTeeV @FGTeeV FGTeeV 19.8M 2.6M United States
19 LazarBeam @ LazarBeam 19.4M 5.7M United States
20 SSundee @SSundee SSundee 19.2M 4.3M United States
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We hope this selection of the Gaming Youtubers has inspired you! If you want to get in touch with a gaming influencer, you can consult our article on the Top 10 gaming influencers and you can also download our guide: High Tech & Gaming: how to launch your products with influencers?

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