Who better to launch your product or great new game than influencers?

Are you part of the Gaming and High Tech industry? Do you want to highlight your brand and make yourself stand out when launching a product?

Bad news: old recipes don’t work anymore, for two reasons: 15-35 year olds don’t watch media in the same way as their elders (they no longer watch TV, listen to the radio or read newspapers)… and they are no longer persuaded by a brands sales pitch (they want authenticity and a real dialogue not forced a formatted message).

Good news though: we have the solution for you (you guessed it): working with gaming and high-tech influencers (there are plenty to choose from, including YouTubers who can really explain the strength of your product / game!)… Great, but not just any old how; just because you’ve put influencers in your plan doesn’t mean it’ll work.

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HIGH-TECH & GAMING How to use influencers to launch a product?