Top 10 Skincare Influencers

Top 10 Skincare Influencers

Top 10 Skincare Influencers

Influencer Marketing works well for beauty brands, Skincare brands can collaborate with famous influencers who share tips on skincare routines and reviews of the best products for the skin. These influencers showcase their products and encourage consumers to try new tips and trends. When skincare influencers share the struggles of their skincare journeys, they build communities of committed followers who share the same experiences. By leveraging these engaged communities, skincare brands can get their products in front of the people who can benefit from them the most.

We have listed the Top 10 popular skincare influencers which include dermatologists, estheticians, other licensed professionals, and some trusted influencers who are simply skincare enthusiasts passionate about providing tips and unbiased reviews for their followers.

1) Dr. Shah


Dr. Shah is a dermatologist who shares his knowledge on a range of skincare topics and conditions. He covers everything from why you’re addicted to lip balm (and how to break that habit), to signs of hormonal imbalance on the skin.

@dermdoctor Does everyone benefit from moisturizer? @skinfix @sephora #dermdoctor #skincare #skinfix #skinfixpartner #oilyskin ♬ Eagle Arms – Chris Alan Lee

2) Hyram Yarbro


Hyram Yarbro is a skincare specialist/content creator, known for his passion for skincare. His content ranges from skincare tips, product suggestions, reactions, and other general skincare information. The skincare enthusiast blew up on YouTube after his honest review of Kylie Skin went viral and he is single-handedly to blame for the TikTok CeraVe uprising. The most-watched videos of Hyram have to be his skincare reactions.

@hyram CeraVe is a scam? #duet with @shelby_plumb #skincarebyhyram ♬ original sound – Miss Plumb

3) yayayayoung


@YayayaYoung’s shares his tips for having incredible skin with a sense of humor. He got the popularity by posting skincare tips by adding humor to his videos, which people enjoyed watching. Last year he crossed 1.5M followers with love.

@yayayayoung Not literally milk, but Cleansing Milk ❤️ #Jeongyeon #Twice #CleansingMilk ♬ original sound – yayayayoung

4) Jadé Marie


Jade Marie has been in the beauty space, she has taken a 180-degree turn in her beauty practices, changing her social media content from the high-glamour makeup space to leaning into holistic skincare and mindfulness.

5) Dr. Ewoma Ukeleghe


Dr. Ewoma Ukeleghe is a clinical expert in skincare and non-surgical enhancement. She is known for her engaging Q&A sessions and her community-driven approach to teaching skincare education. She is also a cosmetic doctor.

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A post shared by Dr Ewoma (@drewomaukeleghe)

6) Dr. Vanita Rattan


Dr.Vanita specializes in skin of color and posts videos specifically for non-caucasian skin. She covers everything from the best facewash products for people of color to the best acids for skin of color.

@drvanitarattan Learn how to look after your skin and hit the follow button! #doctorv #skincare #skinrevolution #booktok #fyp ♬ TikTokLooks – Данила

7) Caroline Hirons


Caroline Hirons is trained in (well) over 100 brands. She is a globally qualified advanced aesthetician. Her career has involved developing bespoke facials and training teams internationally for top brands in the UK, USA, and the Far East. Caroline is the author of “Skincare – The New Edit.”

8) Noemi Nikita



inst: noeminikita🤍 Should I peel it off? 😳 Which Makeup trend should I try out next? 💗

♬ Get Into It (Yuh) – Doja Cat

Noemi Nikita is a TikTok Star from Switzerland. She becomes famous for her lip-sync videos, makeup hack trials, waxing, and skincare on TikTok.

9) Mairamkul Karagulova


Mairamkul, also known as @theOdisseya on TikTok, quashes unrealistic skincare expectations by reminding her followers that healthy skin doesn’t happen overnight. Her popular TikTok routines focus on a long-term approach to skin wellness and the products she uses to produce her signature glow.

@theodisseya #amskincareroutine #asmrsounds #asmrskincare #asmrskincareeddition # #skintok #spf #moisturizer #skincare ♬ original sound – Odisseya

10) Nikki


Nikki is the creative mind behind @uglyducklingskincare and is a master at simplifying complex skincare approaches. Her goal is to help her followers decide on products that make them look and feel their best by sharing videos related to skincare.

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