Top 10 Environment Influencers In 2022

Die Top 10 der Öko-Influencer

Top 10 Environment Influencers in 2022

The environment is increasingly at the heart of our concerns. After numerous lockdowns, our focus has turned to issues concerning ecology, climate change, and renewable energy.

Today we understand that to leave a clean planet for future generations, our way of living and consumption has to change. If industries need to change their methods of production, people too need to adapt themselves to new solutions to better respect the environment. Some influencers understood this a while ago, and have grown a following by guiding their communities towards a greener lifestyle for a greener world.

Discover Influence4You’s top environment influencers!


The humblest

Londoner Immy Lucas founded the blog The Low Impact Movement to incite people to participate in a low impact challenge and more ethical way of life without going out of their way. You’ll also find her book of suggestions and easy tips on how to cut down on waste through cool DIY cosmetics or foods on IGTV and her YouTube channel. She often talks about being “imperfectly sustainable” as she recognizes that conscious living is really about learning and honesty. She accepts that not all her tips will be for everyone. Instead, she advocates for low impact with the ethos that you shouldn’t feel guilty if you don’t manage everything; you should just focus on doing your best by finding small ways to change your behavior, and over time that will have a big impact!


The most minimalist

This ecology influencer lives in a 188-square-foot home-on-wheels. Since “going tiny” in her trailer and starting a minimalist living journey, Bea Johnson also became a motivational speaker and author of the bestseller ‘Zero Waste Home’. One of the great things about her is that she shows that you can help save the planet at the same time as saving yourself some time and money. You can shop her product recommendations directly on her website as well as find all her tips for a zero-waste kitchen or bathroom, for example. Her method? The 5 Rs: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rot.

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Sustainably Chic

The most sustainable fashion

Florida-based Natalie Kay has been “helping you build conscious wardrobes since 2014”. The fashionista started her blog when she realized she didn’t want to stay in the industry unless it was to help change the way it was done, and found her place writing about what she was passionate about– sustainable fashion. From thought-provoking quotes, green fashion giveaways, her Instagram is a source of inspiration for fashion lovers wanting to be more eco-conscious. You’ll find the eco-influencer’s “ethical gift guides” and top sustainable brands that you can shop by category in her directory.


The most eco-traveler

Londoner Neel is a travel influencer whose biologist background evolved his solo travel log into an eco-traveller’s stories. From working in animal conservation with sea turtles in Greece to elephants in Asia, Neel gives us his unique and science-infused vision of traveling around a planet affected by conservation issues. He educates his audience on sustainability and environmentalism on the subjects of tourism and consumerism through beautiful travel photography. He is also a fervent believer that travel does not have to be at the detriment of the planet. We can enjoy our experiences and can have a positive impact.


The most mindful mama

Yes, it is possible to raise children without having a negative impact on the planet. Mamalina is the story of London mom-of-three Emma taking slow living into the realms of ‘parenting slowly and sustainably’. On her blog you’ll find a newsletter and articles on motherhood, home, relationships, style, and travel; all from the perspective of a plastic free parent bringing up her children to live sustainably!

Trash is for tossers

The most entrepreneurial

This environmentalist is another eco-influencer all about zero waste. New York activist and entrepreneur Lauren Singer has a wide variety of tips showcasing her own zero-waste lifestyle in the Big Apple. From reading lists and documentaries that changed her life, interviews, sustainable products like condoms and toothbrushes, to her very small ‘trash jars’ after months, there’s a lot to inspire her audience! What’s great about Lauren is that she has tips for every situation and environment. Celebrating waste free anniversaries to staying green in the corporate world… The latter is no surprise, as she is also the CEO of two waste-free companies: the plastic free Package Free and The Simply Co!

Blue Ollis

The most ‘slow living’ cook

Blue Ollis started promoting conscious living through veganism, mindfulness and a minimalist lifestyle, both on her YouTube channel back in 2011 and through her blog. You can sign up to her weekly newsletters, as well as find her e-book dedicated to delicious vegan recipes. She also regularly posts her recipes on Instagram, as well as giving tips on plastic free, cruelty-free and sustainable food shopping. The UK-based animal and earth advocate also focuses on well-being. She posts on everyday activities like yoga and meditation to really help us live intentionally.


The most oceanic

Kate Nelson is an ocean-loving activist who’s been plastic-free for over a decade. Her website is tagged with the slogan “sexy choices, sexy body, sexy oceans”. The Australian ‘water woman’ documents her journey of how she quit plastics in her guidebooks. Her blog is also a wealth of resources raising awareness on different aspects of plastic pollution. In addition, the untiring influencer also launched ‘The Mercast’ podcast where she discusses sustainable solutions with scientists, entrepreneurs and other change makers. You can even sign up for her ‘7 days to plastic free’ course. If all this weren’t enough to enchant you with the eco-life, her Instagram also includes cute mermaid pictures!

Green Dreamer

The most perceptive

A unique voice that strikes a balance between activism, creativity, and positivity. With her perceptive commentary, Kaméa Chayne hosts the Green Dreamer podcast, an exploration of how we can thrive when the planet seems to be heading towards ecological degradation and human life to disconnection from what matters most. Kaméa invites figures from all kinds of fields to share insights on what’s being done in terms of sustainability and combatting climate change. An exciting account to follow for those wanting to dig into the issues linked to climate change and ecology with a fascinating take on abundance, gratefulness, and reflection!

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Dave Coulson

The most storytelling

For Dave Coulson, the camera is a tool for awareness of ecosystems and understanding our relation to the Earth. His photojournalism covers endangered species or the disappearing landscapes that cause their decline, to following the migrations of animals in their natural environment. The Toronto-based photographer and filmmaker uses the power of storytelling as a way to connect people to nature on an emotional and personal level. He regularly collaborates with NGOs and other organizations to incite sustainability action and is also part of Photographers Without Borders.

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