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Approximately 72% [1] of users like to communicate on multiple web channels. With its 160 million daily users, and more than half [2] of them enjoying discovering new brands through advertising, Snapchat seemed like an ideal platform for influence marketing.


The great news is: Influence4You now allows its clients to create Snapchat campaigns in just a few clicks. You can determine your own pricing, expand your reach, and reinforce your relationship with users.


This new feature just strengthened Influence4Brands’ offer, that already includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, blog, events and travel campaigns. They’re all very easy to manage and provide important details about influencers’ posts.

How do Snapchat campaigns work?


1.     Campaign Creation

Create a new Snapchat campaign on your Influence4You interface. Provide information in all the required fields, as you would do for other types of campaigns.


2.     Influencers Selection

When influencers connect their Snapchat account to I4B, they must indicate their average number of views per story as well as a screen capture proving that number.

Once your campaign is live, Snapchat influencers can apply to it, and you’ll be able to see their statistics, cost and profile, and make an informed decision.


3.     Posts Validation

Once influencers have published their story on Snapchat, they must indicate the number of views generated and include a screen capture to prove that number. Therefore this capture needs to be taken just before the end of the 24-hour duration of Snapchat stories. You can then approve their posts, and pay based on results.


In other words, we strongly encourage you to test this new feature by login in to your I4B account, and creating a new campaign on Snapchat. If you do not have an account, you can easily create one on our website. Please note that we now also offer Insta story campaigns.




[1] Mashable (2012).

[2] Blog du modérateur (2017).

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