5 types of Twitter Posts that will increase your Engagement

5 types of Twitter Posts that will increase your Engagement

5 types of Twitter Posts that will increase your Engagement

5 types of Twitter Posts that will increase your Engagement


Twitter is a social media platform that enables users to post short “tweets” limited to  280-character. Registered users can read and post tweets as well as follow other users via update feed. 

You can find most of the politicians and celebrities are very active on Twitter. As of March 2021, former U.S. President Barack Obama was the most-followed celebrity on Twitter with nearly 130 million followers followed by the singer Justin Bieber’s with 114 million followers.


Obama Twitter

Barack Obama Twitter account



twitter statista 2021

Statista 2021 (in millions)


Facts about Twitter:-

  • Launched in 2006
  • 70% of users are male
  • #1 social media platform in Japan
  • #6 mobile app based on monthly active users.
  • Most of the users’ ages range between 28 – 34 years
  • 68.7 million (or 19.4%) of Twitter’s users are based in the U.S.




Twitter Post

Twitter enables people to reply, retweet, and favor Twitter posts. As a brand, it is essential to have ideas on what Twitter posts gather most types of engagement. According to Twitter’s Q3 2020 report, users are increasingly engaging with content shared on Twitter and hence the engagement is increased by 27%. Twitter is not only for B2C but also for B2B brands. According to a survey, 82% of B2B content marketers used Twitter for organic content marketing in the year 2020.

We took the time to do some research on how to engage the audience on Twitter. If you want to put this information to your advantage, we have listed our top 5 types of Twitter posts that will increase your engagement by giving your account a boost. 



1) Posts with images or videos

  • We have seen most of the Twitter post contains only text. But as a brand you when you are promoting your products and services you must add high-quality images that will attract the audience. According to research made by Twitter on Tweet’s engagement, retweets are increased by 35% when images are included in Twitter posts.


  • Also, instead of posting only one image, you can post a bunch of 10 images also known as “carousel post”. In 2020, it was observed that the CTR increased by 15% for carousel posts.


  • You can also add videos of your products to engage the audience for longer with your brand with a single post. Also, a 62% increase was observed in “video views” from 2019 – 2020.


  • Tagging up to 5 – 10 people in the photo makes sharing and favoring more likely. The direct approach to those who are tagged increases their sense of value as they are included in your brand.


  • Adding a caption to the photo makes your Twitter post more engaging. As sharing of ideas ensue, others go the extra mile to think of wittier, and sometimes funnier ideas to caption your photo.




2) Posts with Hashtags

  • Hashtags are the most effective way for brand engagement, it is proven to increase followers and acquire related information.  Hashtags were originally seen in Twitter posts, which now have also dominated other social media platforms.


  • Twitter posts with concise hashtags are at best because they are straight to the point. It also enables your followers to share your posts easier on their accounts.


  • A conversational hashtag is also effective in your Twitter post. The uniqueness of the hashtag makes your Twitter post stand out.




3) Posts Asking for Retweets

  • A retweet is a type of CTA that enables people to be to show their interest in the brand and prompts your products by becoming a part of the brand itself.


  • But constantly asking for retweets can be annoying and you could lose your followers and their confidence in your brands, hence you must avoid asking for retweets constantly in your Twitter posts.



Source: hotinsocialmedia.com



4) Posts with External Links

  • As we know tweets are only limited to 280-character sometimes it gets difficult to put everything in such a limited space. Therefore you may add an external link in your post which redirects the user to a different page that contains detailed information about your products and services.


  • This enables the reader to learn more about the topic you would like them to be interested in, and when the source is reliable, people tend to trust more in your brand.


  • According to a study, over 36% of all brand post contains external links. Usually, the post provides a teaser, product demo, brand story, or others.



5) Posts with Quotes

  • If your Twitter posts are quotable quotes people like to feel related to each other – drawn together by a common thought, opinion, experience, or idea. 


  • The best hack to get reach a larger audience is by reusing the quotes made by your competitors and influencers in your niche. By tweeting their quote, you may be able to find others who share the same interests.  


  • Using quotes creates a wider scope of influence on your part, which is essential for a higher engagement with your posts.



As we discussed earlier, posting on social media can help your brand grow online but for that, you need to be dedicated and keep posting consistently at regular intervals. You should upload engaging content which is liked by your audience. Hence, you must do your own research and understand want your audience likes; you can also spy on your competitor’s content or look for content inspiration online and create various types of images or videos for your Twitter post.


Every social media comes with rules and regulations that should be followed by eerie users. You must follow all the guidelines listed by Twitter and try not to violate Twitter’s policy since it can suspend your account due to any irrelevant activities. In 2020, Twitter had suspended 925,700 accounts for “hateful conduct”.


But, if you think you aren’t good at optimizing your social media account or if you lack ideas; You must hire an employee/ freelancer for this job or preferably collaborate with an influencer who is best in creating and posting content and engaging an audience on social media. 


  • To find the right influencer in your niche for this you can use influencer marketing platforms to access the overview of their social media accounts of an influencer like no. of followers, average no. of engagement, and likes on a post. The brands can also get hidden information like fake followers, fake accounts, valid influencers, and others by using some well-built influencer marketing platforms.

Select an influencer's profile


To go further, please check out our interactive influencer datasheet here. (desktop format here.

Influencer datasheet

Influence4You Just Launched the Most Complete Influencer Datasheet on the Market


  • After you select the right influencer, you need to send your product and/or a promo code to the Influencer to track your expenses and to follow if everything is working well.

offers and promo


  • Tracking the performance is most important when you are dealing with more than two influencers. You must share different UTM tracker links to different influencers to see which influencers bring you the most traffic and help you increase sales.


twitter post with utm link



  • The influencer creates a publication once the product is received by them, you can validate by checking the quality of the publication and whether all points mentioned in the brief are being followed, if not, you can ask to modify or change it.



  • When doing an influencer campaign you must also keep a track of the engagement rate the influencer generates like the number of views, likes, comments, and shares. But this becomes easy by using an influencer marketing platform.


The influencer’s performance



Since the beginning, Twitter has been helping businesses to grow online and reach a larger set of audience. Twitter lets you upload photos and videos of your product and services to promote your business.  It is a powerful way to communicate with a new audience and potential customers, allowing them to see your product or service without having to visit your physical store.


And for a high jump in your traffic and sales, you can always collaborate with the influencers to effectively increase brand awareness and engagement for your brand.


If you have any questions, regarding hiring an influencer who can help you grow on social media by posting on Twitter, don’t hesitate to contact us.



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