is a commercial website that has developed the concept of event sales on the internet. In order to promote one of these sales, for the Fashion brand Claudie Pierlot, the site contacted us for setting up an influencer campaign.

The objectives of

The challenge was pretty complicated:
We had to set up the campaign with a very short time notice, because the campaign has to be launched before the sales event. So we have to quickly select influencer, coordinate with brands for validating the profile and produce engaging contents with selected Influencer.

The solution brought by the agency

In such a short preparation time, we have proposed the ideal candidate Adenorah for this campaign. She is a very famous Fashion blogger, originally from Biarritz, but living between Paris and London.  She perfectly represented the Parisian chic and London casual that Claudie Pierlot wanted to highlight in the campaign. In addition, the quality of her posts on her various networks, including her Instagram account where she has more than 200,000 subscribers, have finally convinced us, as well as Vente-privée and Claudie Pierlot on the relevance of integrating her into the campaign.

Adenorah was therefore responsible for making a shooting of 4 looks that she had selected.

Before the launch of the sale on, she posted a 3 different pictures of these looks on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to tease her community.

On the opening day of Claudie Pierlot’s sale, Adenorah revealed all her looks in her blog.

Results of the campaign

The content created by Adenorah reached around 250 000 views on all the networks, and this campaign has a great impact in boosting Claudie Pierlot’s sale on as collaborating with the right influencer for targeting the right audience pool.

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