Groupon is one of the world’s leading French businesses.

The brand wanted to appeal to influencers to promote spa treatments offered by the site throughout France.

The goal is to bring content highlighting the wealth of Groupon’s spa treatments and show that it is a local offer that can be enjoyed with friends.

The solution brought by Influence4you

Groupon wanted to target primarily young women aged 18 to 35 and show that its offers were available throughout France, both in Paris and the province.

In order to do this, we have selected 2 Youtubers who has the key audiences the brand would like to target, and each of them has over 100,000 subscribers on their channels. Especially we proposed a Youtuber living in Paris but a resident of the South France (Marseille) to highlight the diversity of places where Groupon spas are available.

Our proposals are Djulicious and Adrianne Trends. They were required to make vlog videos about the Groupon spas care, as well as multiple posts on their various social networks.

The results of the campaign

The two videos published by the Youtubers both offered an excellent presentation of spa treatments, highlighting their features and benefits. The videos were made in “vlogs” format to be closer to its audiences and avoid a format “pure advertising”.

To make their subscribers even more eager to try and take advantage of Groupon offers, influencers have also made Snapchat stories and Instagram posts.

Thanks to all these publications, our campaign has reached nearly 400,000 views within 1 month, giving Groupon a great visibility.

The videos and posts 

Djulicious :



Adrianne Trends :



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