Smoothskin is a brand of pulsed light epilators. Its hair removal system can help the consumers have silky smooth skin that never worry about stubbly legs or prickly underarms! SmoothSkin Muse is designed to help break the hair cycle and prevent regrowth, giving permanent hair reduction.

At the end of 2016, the brand launched its brand-new model of epilator with a neat design and a formidable efficiency. The brand contacted us for promoting its new model through the recommendation of influential Youtubers.

Campaign Objectives

Smoothskin expected that collaborated Influencer could highlight the efficiency of this new product, its modern design.

The message is also educational, needs to be clearly explained to the audience what pulsed light hair removal is, and how about its constraints and benefits.

The solution brought by Influence4you

We have selected 3 diversified influencers in the Fashion and Beauty category to test the Smoothskin pulsed light epilator and present it on their Youtube videos to reach a huge amount of female audience.

For 8 to 12 weeks, the Youtubers: Noémie Makeuptouch (1 119 000 subscribers), Audrey Marshmaloo (216 000 subscribers) and La Douce Mélodie (138 000 subscribers) were able to test the product to get their own idea of its effectiveness.

Then they created video themes as “ Get ready with me” and “ My favorite product” to present this product to their fans in a natural way. All were conquered by the epilator and expressed this enthusiasm in their videos. Two Youtubers appreciated the Smoothskin epilator so much that they have decided to make a contest for their fans on Instagram for a better visibility of the brand!

The results of the campaign

With more than 450,000 views on all the posts of the operation including 195,000 on YouTube, our campaign has generated a very good visibility to the epilators of the brand Smoothskin.

In terms of product communication materials, the format of the videos made by our Youtubers allowed a pedagogical explanation of what the pulsed light hair removal is and demonstration of its features and advantages.

The videos of the campaign:

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