US Influencers to Follow

US Influencers to Follow in 2021

Today, after a tour of Germany and Belgium’s most interesting influencers, we’re changing continents to discover American Internet stars. With so many different cultures present, the US is a real gold mine of diverse creators. There are lots of influencers in the United States to choose from, and together we’re going to discover some of them.



The influencer has been on social media for many years. He began his career as a singer, releasing a successful debut album in 2009 and later retired from the music business. He then launched his own cosmetics brand. The young entrepreneur has won over his audience with his unique style, looks and makeup tutorials. He regularly posts on Instagram and also has a YouTube channel on which he uploads product reviews, beauty tutorials as well as lifestyle content.


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David Chang

This Korean-American chef is very famous in the United States. Being the owner of a dozen restaurants across the states doesn’t stop him from sharing simple moments of life on his Instagram. Between everyday snapshots, restaurant tips, recipes, hacks and tricks: you’ll find many things on the account of this talented chef.


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Billie Eilish

A 19 years old, Billie Eilish is already internationally renowned. The young singer has quickly established herself in music and influence business. With her own unique style, she quickly rose to become a hugely popular creator, both in the US and abroad. On her Instagram, she gives us insight into her crazy life, shows us the backstage of her tours, her looks and much more! A busy life makes for an enticing feed!


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The Bucket List Family

The happy little family has decided to travel around the world and share their adventures. Whether it’s on Instagram or YouTube, you can follow the tribe along their journey. This loving little family is a breath of fresh air, simplicity and happiness.

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Camila Mendes

The young American-Brazilian actress is known for her role in Riverdale. This talented young woman allows her fans to follow her exciting life and learn more about her. You’ll find lots of laughter and good fun on the talented young actress’s Instagram.


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Alexa Chung

After working as a model and fashion designer, Alexia has recently launched her own business. Collaborating with top brands, she created her own clothing line in 2016, combining Parisian chic with New York style. Her brand is very successful around the world, and her Instagram has over 4.1 million followers who are delighted by her delicate and feminine pictures.


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Jimmy Chin

Explorer, adventurer, photographer: Jimmy Chin is many things! Few influencers combine these qualities, which makes him quite unique. Thanks to his photo skills, he takes you with him on his fantastic and dangerous journeys. Without having to move from your couch, follow him on top of snowy mountains and in blue seas. Climbing, surfing, diving, skydiving: this man isn’t faint-hearted and it’s a real pleasure to watch his adventures around the world.


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Zoe Sugg

The young beauty, lifestyle and fashion influencer has successfully created and catered a very comprehensive blog. Articles, beauty tutorials, fashion tips, and even cooking recipes: there’s something for every taste. Her Instagram is a perfect complement to her blog with life moments, product presentations and tips.


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Massy Arias

With junk food being so popular in the US, it’s a pleasure to discover an influencer promoting a healthy lifestyle. Massy Arias is a coach very active on her Instagram. She shares workout sessions, advice, programs, but also gives us a peek into her life with her little girl. She also supports everyone who follow her programs and have a need some cheering up. This feel-good account will make you want to start exercising!


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Aimée Song

The young influencer created her blog almost 10 years ago, not really seriously. A fashion and design enthusiast, she is now widely known with over 5.6 million subscribers and is at the forefront of the most prestigious fashion events. Her very assertive style and fashion sense allowed her to become the face of many major brands.


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We hope that you enjoyed this little trip to the heart of America and that we made you want to discover US influencers!


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