Top 12 Male Fashion Influencers in 2022

Top 12 Male Fashion Influencers in 2022

Top 12 Male Fashion Influencers

As you might have read in our Top 10 Female Fashion Influencers of 2022 article, fashion bloggers and Instagrammers have a huge influence on their communities. But style and good taste aren’t just for a female audience. Men’s fashion influencers are also becoming increasingly influential on social media.

These bloggers and instagrammers showcase their curated looks, share tips and good deals with to their followers. Suits, jeans, trainers, ties, bow ties, hats: there is something for every taste and style.

Always on the lookout for the latest trends, fashion influencers share their passion thanks to elaborated content leaving nothing to chance, one of the many reasons why brands and designers consider them the perfect ambassadors.

For you gentlemen (but also for you ladies), Influence4you presents its tasteful selection of the best male fashion influencers of 2021.

Adam Gallagher

The most influential

With 1.8m followers on Instagram and millions of readers on his blog, Adam Gallagher (@iamgalla) is a very influential American fashion influencer. He began blogging at only 17 years old! This connoisseur is all about mixing sophisticated and modern pieces and shares on his feed and on his blog trend forecasting, travel inspiration, grooming and dress styling tips.

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Luka Sabbat

The coolest

Another very influential fashion figure, cool kid Luka has amassed 2.6m followers on Instagram. He was discovered by a modeling scout in New York when he was only 15 and has since then taken on many more roles including stylist, creative director, design director and actor. Luka loves to experiment and his influenced by street-wear and high fashion styles.

He is close to the Kardashian family and rumor has it he dated Kourtney. If you are interested in reality TV influencers, head on to our ‘Top 10 Reality TV Influencers’ article!

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Phil Cohen

The most flat lay

Phil started by posting snapshots of his daily looks on Instagram. He has now won over 801k followers. He realized early on that selfies weren’t his thing and now mainly posts flat lays. Passionate about menswear, the art director and graphic designer loves casual looks and neutral colors. Head to his profile if you’re looking for no-fuss fashion content.

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Deon Hinton

The most poetic

Self-love activist and fashion lover Deon Hinton shares with his 251k followers his looks, inspirations and favorite products alongside positive and poetic captions. At only 22 years old, this influencer has already worked with some of the most well-known fashion brands including Gucci, Louboutin, Urban Outfitters and Puma.

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Jose Zuniga

The most educational

American YouTuber and Entrepreneur Jose Zuniga has over 5 million subscribers on his YouTube account, teachingmensfashion, where he posts hairstyles and clothing tutorials. The influencer and his brother have created their own brand, ESNTLS which focuses on good quality basics at an affordable price. Their brand was so successful that on the launch day they sold over 1 million dollars of product! If you like basics and don’t want to rack your brain over your outfits, head over to his channel and his Instagram account.

Nick Wooster

The most experienced

At 61, Nickelson Wooster is living proof that fashion isn’t just for young people. The American fashion consultant has worked with numerous brands including Neiman Marcus chain stores, Calvin Klein and Polo Ralph Lauren. He started out as a buyer and worked his way up the ladder to become a renowned consultant for the biggest fashion brands.

Over on Instagram where he has 848k followers, he is famous for his very neat facial hair and preppy mixed with military style.

Ronnie Fieg

The most trainers

The American footwear and clothing designer, entrepreneur and owner of Kith has over 800,000 followers. He started out as a designer and opened his first store (Kith) in 2011 where he sold brands like Adidas, Puma and New Balance.

He shares on his feed a sneak peek of Kith up-and-comers, his favorite trainers of the moment and much more!

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Lorenzo Liverani

The classiest

Born in Italy, Lorenzo travels the word with impeccable style. Dior, Jaguar, and Emporio Armani: the former model has worked with some of the biggest names. In 2012, he launched his successful blog Your Mirror Style. He has already won over 200k people on Instagram.

Derek Jacob Kesseler

The most outdoorsy

With 59.6k followers on Instagram, Derek is a Canadian fashion and lifestyle influencer. He participated on the reality TV show Big Brother Canada and has now his own media company. His style is casual and outdoorsy and is perfect for adventuring in the snow!

Edwin Hung

The most swimwear

Malaysian architect Edwin Hung has over 170k followers on Instagram. Besides working full time as an architect, he likes giving grooming tips and showing off his best outfits. You’ll find him chilling by the water, a great opportunity to sponsor swimsuits!

Andrew Wise

The most luxurious

With his wife, Stephanie, he founded Life Tailored, a luxury lifestyle blog centred around travel, fashion, and lifestyle. The Brooklyn-based influencer regularly offers fashion advice with a mixture of street looks and formal attire. All this in numerous different countries around the world (119 destinations to be precise). He also has a YouTube channel of 20k subscribers.

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Geoff K. Cooper

The most chic

Caribbean-born entrepreneur, stylist and fashion influencer, Geoff K. Cooper, offers a style that is chic and effortlessly effective! Over on Instagram with his 100k followers you’ll find him showing off his fresh looks and lifestyle, while not shying away from activism. Not only that but his captions are endlessly entertaining and humorous, something that isn’t always the case for influencers. So for suave and sophisticated, check out Geoff!

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