Top 10 Spanish Influencers

Top 10 Spanish Influencers

Top 10 Spanish Influencers

Influencers are an excellent opportunity for brands to communicate with their audience. With their engaged and loyal communities, they allow for effective campaigns that can reach a wider range of consumers than ‘ordinary’ advertising would.

Of course, these content creators exist everywhere in the world! We had already packed our bags to visit influencers from Switzerland and Germany. Today we are taking our hats and sun cream for a ride in the south of Europe.

It’s in Spain that we are going to lay down our hats! So make yourself comfortable and discover our non-exhaustive selection of Spanish influencers.

Sofia Suescun

Sofia made a name for herself in her native country by winning a reality showGran Hermano 16, the Spanish-language adaptation of Big Brother.  Since then, Sofia has built a solid career as a lifestyle, fashion and beauty influencer.

She has gathered on her Instagram account over 1M followers in a loyal and close-knit community centered around their favorite influencer. The photos she shares on Instagram show her daily life, her projects, her outfits and her partnerships. She’s also been quite active on TikTok for some time now, where she shares with her community her wild dance moves.

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Georgina is a fitness and beauty staple on Instagram. She is one of the most famous influencers in Spain, with an impressive follower count of 22M! She is in a relationship with famous footballer Christiano Ronaldo.

She shares many photos of her daily life with her partner and their newborn baby. She also shares beauty and fashion tips, as well as articles dedicated to her in top magazines such as Vogue… A real star’s life, which she shares to the delight of her community. She also started a singing career and did the opening of a big Spanish musical event.

Nicanor Garcia

Nicanor is a true travel, photography and architecture enthusiast. He mixes all three on his Instagram account where he has over 700k followers! Besides wandering around the world, Nicanor’s great passion is to photograph the different styles of architecture that he comes across during his travels.

He also has an undeniable artistic flair and is able to make a low-income housing block look beautiful thanks to his great sensitivity and his mastery of his camera. It’s a real pleasure to look at his feed and to travel with him and see the world through his eyes!

Collage Vintage

Her real name is Sara Escudero and she has over 1M followers on her Instagram account. Sara touches on travel, fashion, lifestyle and everything else that she likes depending on what she is currently experiencing. Her account is packed with good content and has something for everyone. She also has a blog that serves as a shop, so you can be as stylish as she is.

Luis Cepeda

Luis is a Spanish singer who is becoming more and more successful in his country. On his Instagram he is followed by almost 500k people who love seeing behind the scenes of his musical projects, from albums to concerts. He also gives us a sneak peek into his daily life with his girlfriend, his different projects, his lifestyle… So no wonder this account has been having some serious growth!

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Munir Mohamedi

Munir is the goalkeeper of the Malaga soccer team. Well known on Instagram where he has over 500k followers, the soccer player is one of the most followed Spanish influencers. He publishes on his account many photos related to his job and passion: soccer. Pictures of his matches, pictures with fans, behind the scenes of his career: a must to follow for all his fans.

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Auxy Ordoñez has created the most delicious account. Indeed, she posts shares on her Instagram account with over 500k followers many shots of pastries, each looking more delicious than the last. She even shares the recipes with her followers. And good news, her cakes generally don’t have a lot of sugar and don’t go straight to the hips. It’s the perfect account to follow to enjoy yourself without counting calories!

Maria Pintado

Maria is a young woman with many interests and passions. She still has few followers on Instagram with over 58k, but is growing in popularity on the platform. She likes to talk about fashion, travel, architecture and design. She also keeps her own blog and posts about these various topics.

Kilian Jornet

The young adventurer is popular on Instagram for his numerous trips and his sporting prowess. Kilian is an expert in several fields; skiing, ultra-trail and mountaineering. He even won several medals in ski-mountaineering!

This sports influencer has over 1M followers on his Instagram and continues to see his success grow. He regularly posts photos of his various adventures, his sporting exploits, as well as breathtaking shots of the mountains he climbs with passion.


Rosalia is the new musical phenomenon in Spain. She’s winning over the crowds with her sweet voice and has over 14M followers her on her Instagram account. Her fans can find there many photos of their idol. She shares her everyday life, her projects and her future albums… The young woman is very active on her account, where her active and engaged community likes to interact with her.

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Our Spanish influencers overview is now complete.

We hope it has inspired you for your future marketing campaigns. And don’t forget that Influence4You can help you contact influencers and set up your campaigns!

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