Top 10 NFT Influencers

Top 10 NFT Influencers

If you follow all the latest digital news and everything to do with the Metaverse, you won’t have missed NFTs! The field already has some experts and influencers. Influence4You presents 10 of them.

1. BoredApeYC

1. BoredApeYC

We couldn’t start this list without mentioning Bored Ape Yacht Club, the most famous NFT project out there. A collection of 10,000 unique Bored Ape NFTs, the founders “Gargamel” and “Gordon Goner” have created a brand that dominates on social networks, with just shy of a million followers on Twitter. A host of celebrities, including Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg, and Madonna, have purchased these non-fungible tokens, and sales have totaled over US$1 billion. More recently, parent company Yuga Labs launched its own metaverse titled Otherside. Certainly worth a follow, then.

2. OhhShiny

Community capitalist and host of the Ohhshiny show, he is known for his tweets where he divulges the latest in the NFT world and for his ability to bring together the greatest minds on Twitter Spaces. He also tries to showcase up-and-coming projects and creators in an attempt to give back to the community. His efforts appear to be paying off with well over 150k followers on Twitter and 50k on Instagram.

3. RealMissNFT

One of the few female crypto-artists in a male dominated field, RealMissNFT is behind the website where she shares others work in the NFT space. As well as working on her own creative projects, she shares two upcoming artists every week alongside @BhushanVishwas and posts daily NFT giveaways under the handle @NFTs4Free. She has over 150k followers on Twitter, making her a real authority on all that concerns non-fungible tokens.

4. Crypto Baristas

Opening the world’s first NFT funded coffee shop, Crypto Baristas have made headway in the virtual space with their caffeine-loving characters. Purchases support real-life coffee initiatives and they don’t shy away from raising awareness about the coffee industry. Today, Crypto Baristas have even bigger ambitions including opening a roastery, an education space and partnering with a farm in Honduras. They currently have over 13k followers on Twitter and 1800 followers on Instagram.

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5. Farokh

Though not a creator himself, Farokh is very active in the NFT space. A collector at heart, he has amassed an impressive amount of NFTs from top collections such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, CyptoPunks and Cool Cats. He is also the founder of Rug Radio on Twitter Spaces, a forum where he and other hosts talk NFTs and investments. He currently counts over 300k followers on Twitter and 200k followers on Instagram.

6. DeezeFi

A prominent name in the NFT world, DeezeFi is “director of vibes” over at @fractional_art. Often holding informative Twitter Space discussions, with topics ranging from NFT pricing to Fractional Fridays, he is one to follow to keep up to date with everything NFT. He currently has 230k followers on his personal Twitter account and 50k on @fractional_art.

7. j1mmy.eth

Founder and CEO of NFT42, a company providing a range of NFT solutions, Jim shares upcoming projects, insights, motivational quotes and more. He also created Dito, an enterprise cloud solutions provider which is pioneering and advancing on-chain NFTs and the metaverse. He has around 13k followers on Twitter.

8. Snoop Dogg

Perhaps an unexpected appearance on this list, hip hop icon Snoop Dogg is in fact none other than NFT kingpin Cozomo de’ Medici. He has been collecting the digital tokens under this alias for over a year now, amassing $17 million in NFT holdings. He even has plans to convert Death Row Records into the first NFT musical label! Quite the twist. Of course his social media stats are in the millions.

9. The Bitcoin Express

An excellent YouTube channel for NFT beginners and experts alike, it addresses everything from Ethereum to privacy and security in the metaverse. With tutorials, guides and analysis, this influencer is the one to follow for an in depth understanding of the industry. He currently has nearly 200k subscribers, and will surely rack up many more in the years to come!

10. Artchick

Last but not least, we have another female NFT influencer, this time a creator, motivational speaker and painter. Like many other NFT influencers, she offers her insights in the industry to help others and endorses other female NFT creators around the world. She has an impressive 150k followers on Twitter whom she motivates on the daily.

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