Top 10 Senior Influencers in 2022

Top 10 Senior Influencers in 2022

Top 10 Senior Influencers in 2022

Between 1955 and 1965, after the trauma induced by the Second World War, life came back kicking. The wave of births that followed was so great that it was called the “baby boom“. These kids have now grown up and become the silver foxes of our generation.

And whilst most try and follow the changing times, some have adapted so well to our evolving society that they have become the new online icons of today’s teens. These seniors 2.0 have taken to social media and found internet fame, to the delight of fans of all ages.

It’s with great pleasure that Influence4You reveals today its selection of the top senior influencers in 2022 that are taking the Internet by storm!

Dinner and Dance

The most Supreme style

Ever since he was caught on photographer’s Ben Awin’s camera looking dapper in Supreme clothing in 2016, the classy hipster has become a street-wear icon. As well as being one of the coolest Instagrammers, this London fruit seller is something of a local attraction for fans. The father of three may dress in exotic bright colours, know how to strike a pose, and collaborate with the likes of Burberry, but he remains down to earth and up for a friendly chat by his stall.


The most radiant

This 91-year-old badass who’s been ‘Stealing your man since 1928’, became an Internet personality at 85. After a life working in a factory, to cope with the loss of her husband Helen Ruth Elam started “dressing fun” and sharing her newfound pop-teen style online. Since then, the unabashedly colourful influencer has gained millions of followers, has taken to the red carpets of the MTV Video Music Awards and even appeared on TV shows.

Shirley Curry

The one you’d most want to play video games with

Gaming too is for all ages! This 83-year-old grandma delights in video games and shares her sessions on YouTube channel for her thousands of fans to enjoy. She’s mainly taken to Skyrim (the developers even agreeing to immortalise her in the next Elder Scrolls title). In her playthroughs, we can see the American granny has not lost an ounce of her reflexes or sense of humour! She also shares her everyday life on her vlogs, including her time with her family and grandkids that she dotes on. Grandma Shirley really is a super-granny!

Gramma and Ginga

The most iconic duo

These two sisters, one 106 years old and the other 102 years old, were a hilarious duo. They were opposites. Ginga is the more cheerful one, Gramma was usually grouchier. The two were constantly bickering, swearing, chatting about nothing, and were hard to impress. The two lived a few blocks away from each other in West Virginia, and when they met it made for some real entertainment! Their antics even landed them on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show in 2016. Sadly, Gramma passed away of natural causes, and in late 2018, Ginga suffered a stroke and became housebound. Their legacy surely won’t be forgotten and thankfully the family continue to post touching memories from their archives.

Pasta Grannies

The ones you’d most want to invite into your kitchen

Food writer Vicky Bennison is the founder of Pasta Grannies. She features Italian grandmas cooking their best pasta dishes every episode. Vicky travels throughout Italy to give us a new home-made pasta recipe every week. These grannies aren’t chefs, and some are well into their nineties, but they are no-nonsense, talented cooks bringing us the best of traditional Italian cuisine.

Accidental Icon

The most fascinating

Stylish Lyn Slater accidentally became an icon the day she was photographed by a crowd of photographers who believed this impeccably dressed woman to be a fashion icon as she waited for a friend outside during fashion week. Now, as her tag line reads, it is “no longer accidental”. She started her blog as she couldn’t find a fashion blog for women living “interesting but ordinary lives”. Engaging, smart, and full of advice that goes beyond fashion, her blog challenges people’s perceptions of what it means to be an older woman, indeed a woman, through her mysterious, thoughtful, and poised fashionista’s portrayal.

Knitting Tips by Judy

The knitting legend

We widely associate knitting with something for grandmas. Recently though knitting has been making a comeback among millennials, and Judy Graham is the knitting star passing on her skills. There are over half a million YouTube subscribers learning from the 80-year-old’s knitting wisdom.

The most feel-good

Barbara Lash is Milo’s real-life grandmother, but on TikTok she’s everyone’s grandma. She teaches homemade crafts, but also shares heartfelt grandma’s advice and thoughts on today’s world and all kinds of important topics. This retired nurse has adopted a genuine and kind vlogging style that really connects with her followers.


♬ original sound – Barbara

Grand Illusions

The most eccentric

Tim Rowett has a collection of more than 20,000 intriguing toys, and we’re not talking about the usual dolls and toy trucks. These puzzling and magical pieces have been a lifetime passion for this man, who used to work as an entertainer at children’s parties. Now he entertains more than just kids with these weird and wonderful objects that you most likely can’t find in shops anymore. As a lot of the toys are also props for magic tricks, many videos will also break down magic tricks. His unusual interest has ended up fascinating millions of viewers on YouTube.

Grece Ghanem

The most spirited

Vogue has called her an icon of “Ageless Style“. She says that as a mature woman she does not intend to disappear: “Stay visible! Once women pass a certain age, they don’t get looked at anymore.” Leaving her native Lebanon behind with her daughter to start over in Canada, Grece had to abandon her career as a microbiologist and became a personal trainer. It’s no surprise that in just a few years of modeling her wardrobe on Instagram she’s gained so many followers, most of them women in their 20s and 30s. Her strong and unapologetic personality proves that it’s not about age, but about self-confidence.

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