Sponsorship on Social Media for Brands

Sponsorship on Social Media for Brands

The number of daily posts on social media continues to grow. On Instagram, over 100 million photos are posted every day. Each year, 4 times as many videos are uploaded on the platform. As for TikTok, the figures are even higher as creators often post several pieces of content per day.

These figures are good news. Social apps are attracting more and more people and these users are very active. They post, comment and share. But a problem remains. How do you set your content apart? With millions of posts, it is indeed increasingly difficult to be noticed and reach your target audience. Especially when an algorithm is in charge of choosing which content to highlight.

Moreover, social media posts have a limited life span. At the time of their upload, many users are going to interact with them. Then, as the hours go by, their visibility decreases and other more recent content takes the spotlight. To get around this problem, social media platforms offer social ads services. Companies can, in exchange for payment, promote one of their posts to a well-defined audience over a well-defined period of time. This allows brands to ensure visibility while reaching the right people.

Online advertising in figures

Online advertising exploded during the lockdowns. Companies had only one way to grab the attention of consumers: advertise in the places where they spend most of their time, namely social media. It is therefore quite natural that these online advertising investments paid off quickly.

According to figures published by Bump, advertising revenues totalled €7.150 billion in the first half of 2021. That’s 33% more than the previous year at the same time. Over the entire year, social ads have seen a pretty astonishing increase. This is one of the largest growths in the advertising industry with more than 58% over 2020. These revenues were driven in particular by video, which grew by more than 102% over the 12 months.

According to Bump, advertisers have invested heavily in social media platforms. This is reflected in the budgets dedicated to this type of advertisement. Here are advertisers’ top 3 media channels:

  • #1 paid social with 47% of advertisers,
  • #2 display with 46% of advertisers,
  • #3 press with 33% of advertisers.

This is followed by paid search and external advertising.

Why sponsor influencer content?

These figures are clearly increasing from year to year. Sharing them with you is all well and good, but how can you run a successful social ads campaign? There are many ways to launch a great advertising campaign, but today we’re going to share with you a strategy that combines social media and influencer marketing. Among the trends that have emerged in recent years, you’ve probably heard of amplification. Behind this term is actually a method of communication that is accessible to all. The idea here is to advertise content created by an influencer. Influencers must obviously give their consent for this to be possible.

Amplification allows influencer marketing campaigns to have a slightly longer life span. As we mentioned before, content on social networks has a limited life span. Once the content is online, the company can continue to share it thanks to social ads. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved. The company can reach a new audience (one that doesn’t follow either the brand or the influencer). It’s also the opportunity for new people to discover the work of the content creator. Lastly, ads that show an influencer are more memorable and appealing for users which brings more visibility to the campaign.

This strategy has many benefits:

  • Develop brand awareness,
  • Increase conversion rate,
  • Target a specific audience.

Recent studies have shown that amplification is a real lever for visibility. According to Reech, when 40% of the budget is allocated to this type of strategy, companies can see their results increase fourfold. It is then something to consider so that your campaign has every chance to succeed.

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How to sponsor influencer posts during partnerships?

There are several ways to achieve this amplification strategy when it comes to influencer content. The first, as explained above, is to promote the content from the creator’s account. Applications like Instagram, Facebook and even TikTok allow businesses to promote posts directly from their account. It just requires a bit of effort on the part of the influencer so that the company can have control over their content. Promoting the creator’s post directly has several advantages: it’s more personal, the content meets the platform’s codes and a familiar face always catches the eye. For their part, the influencer takes advantage of the post’s reach to find a new audience.

As an alternative, the brand can promote the content from their own account. The influencer must then provide the content to the brand so that it can be posted on the brand’s page. The influencer authorises the company to use the content for its campaign. By sponsoring an influencer’s content from their account, the brand ensures great visibility because the message is more personal and the ambassador’s face is familiar. Once again, this strategy is bound to capture users’ attention.

Finally, as a last option, you can sponsor content created by smaller creators called micro-influencers. Unlike big influencers, these creators have smaller communities (less than 50,000 followers). Brands like working with them because they are very close with their followers. They respond to all their messages and tend to be true experts in their field. For companies, they are also seen as target consumers who have influence on other consumers. By calling on them, brands are looking for spontaneity and authenticity. When they give feedback on a product, it’s usually very insightful as they speak their minds and a lot of people can relate to them. So why not reuse their content and promote it on social media?

Takeaways on amplification marketing

Asking influencers for sponsorship is a real challenge for companies. Their influencer marketing campaigns are becoming more and more well thought out and new and useful tools are emerging. However, in order to achieve good results, you need to think carefully about which content creators to partner with and which posts to promote.

Social ads are now available on all platforms. Amplification marketing is also available almost everywhere. So, are you ready to quadruple the results of your influencer campaigns?

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