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Pandora is a Danish manufacturer of jewelry that was founded in 1982. This industry is very specific with most of the sales being made at a very limited number of days over the year, it is therefore required for all jewelers to communicate beforehand to be able to stand out.

For all jewelry brands and jewelers, Valentine’s Day is one of those sales highlights thus the majority of the key players would greatly invest in having a huge visibility in this season for boosting their sales. It is in this context that Pandora came to us.

Our analysis of the situation of Pandora

How to ensure the jeweler has a high visibility in a more effective way compared to its competitors at a time when the entire industry will try to be heard? Thanks to the influencers and thanks to the “ Best Friend Effect “!

Indeed, the recommendation of influencers has a 10x impact than conventional communication, because it reaches your target audience via a more recommendable way thanks to the trust built between influencers and their communities.  Also nowadays the social media communication has a much better traffics and attentions than the conventional ones which highly enhanced the brands marketing ROI.

This is because the subscribers often see Youtubers as their best friend.

By definition, they grant a quasi-blind trust in the discourse that the influencer and its recommendations of products, brands and services will have.

But that’s not all. Right before Valentine’s Day, getting very high visibility is not enough. But most importantly, they would like to precisely reach their key audience and address the message that Pandora is a Danish Manufacturer.  

The selection of Influencers

Pandora wanted to address a very wide audience: women aged 15 to 35 years. Thus, according to the audience range, we have selected two different influencer profiles. One is particularly popular in the 15-24 age range and the other in the 25 and + age range.

These two Youtubers are Safia Vendôme and Romy which have respectively 419,000 and 936,000 subscribers on YouTube.

To sublimate the jewels of Pandora and attract the entire target, we asked each of them to make a youtube video presenting the jewelry they had selected but also share it via Instagram to show the details of each jewel.

In Romy’s video, she well integrated the jewelry presentation into her “ Valentine’s Day Preparation “ theme to attract female audience’s attention; however, Safia presented different jewels in different scenarios which help her audience to adapt into their life scenes.

The results of the campaign

With a reach of about 1.6 million views on the entire campaign including 840,000 on YouTube and tens of thousands of likes on all posts, the quantitative results of this operation have confirmed that we made the right choices for this campaign.

But beyond the numbers, the publications created by the influencers are incredibly qualitative and have brought a real added value to the campaign, with a special mention for the dedicated video made by Safia with an engagement rate 3x higher than the average of her other videos.

If you want to know more about this campaign or if you are in the same situation as Pandora, contact us!

The posts

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