In the context of a partnership with Microsoft, Darty wanted to promote Microsoft’s newest products the most efficient way and decided to do it through Youtubers to obtain maximum engagement.

Darty’s and Microsoft’s objectives

  • Promoting Windows 10 and Office 365 and its key features such as Windows Hello and Cortana.
  • Driving customers to the website

Influence4you’s insights and our setting up of the communication.

We picked a selection of Youtubers with tremendous visibility coming from different universes (high-tech, lifestyle fashion…).
This selection included Lufy & Enzo, Original Amin, TechNews & Tests, Adri Geek, Pierre Croce, Djulicious and Veerdose, all of them using Windows 10 and Office 365 in their everyday life, therefore highlighting the latest innovations that made life easier.

KPI of the campaign

Over 2.5 M views for an initial objective of… 1.5M !!!

Amazing results both in terms of reach and of quality thanks to the tremendous work of the influencers.

The videos: