Konami is one of gaming key player, developing and publishing games on consoles and PC including references such as PES, Castlevania and Metal Gear… In order to keep in direct contact with its fan base and to promote its newest releases, the japanese giant has invested significantly on influence marketing.


Influence4you’s insights and our setting up of the communication.

Influence4You identified the Youtubers with great affinity with Konami’s universe (for example of PES’ and FIFA’s fans for the release of PES or horror games addicts for the latest Castlevania) and offered them to review the games.

For the most significant in terms of followers, a direct and privileged contact was set up with the brand through visit at Konami’s office, interviews with the marketing director or product manager…

We are also managing communication towards micro and mid-size influencers interested in the games through press release, free games or trailers.

KPI of the campaign

  • Hundreds of thousands of views for each game release
  • Dozens of Youtubers attending the events

Example of influencers’ videos at Konami’s events: