How to Make Great Unboxing Videos on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and more!

How to Make Great Unboxing Videos on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and more!

How to Make Great Unboxing Videos on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and more!

Not a day goes by without seeing unboxing videos on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. What are they? How do you make them and how can they be used as part of your marketing strategy? Influence4You tells you all you need to know.

What’s an unboxing? The definition

According to Wikipedia, ‘Unboxing is the unpacking of products, especially high-tech consumer products, where the process is captured on video and uploaded to the internet’ … The appeal? Viewers get to see the first impressions of their favourite influencers. All sorts of products work for unboxing videos: food, clothing, beauty or tech products. If a product is delivered in a package and it can be opened, then it can be filmed! Unboxing also lends itself very well to toys as children experience the excitement of unboxing as if it were Christmas!

The first unboxing video popped up on YouTube in 2006, the preferred platform for influencers to share their unboxing videos. Today Instagram and TikTok are gaining in popularity for unboxing videos, as the format is considered easier for content creators.

Unboxing videos, a blessing for brands

Unboxing videos are a real consumer experience, allowing your potential customers to know everything about your product, even before they buy it. Reviews certainly play a big part in the purchasing decision, but unboxing videos have the advantage of allowing the viewer to discover the product through the eyes of an influencer, as if they were receiving it themselves. Indeed, online shopping does not allow customers to trial a product before receiving it. Unboxing videos, on the other hand, allow the customer to get an idea of what they’ll receive and to see themselves with the product. Some experts consider unboxing videos a psychology-based marketing strategy.

Brands, don’t neglect your packaging!

Given that unboxing videos are considered a real asset for brands, it is essential to work on the packaging of your products so that your consumers or influencers can make entertaining content. Make sure the outer packaging leaves an impression. The inner packaging should be adapted to your product. You can use colourful boxes or tissue paper for a pleasant experience. Finally, don’t forget to offer goodies and samples to test your new products, as they’re really appreciated by consumers and can generate new sales. And for a little bonus? Include a personalized note! These are a great way to thank the buyer! 

Successful unboxing videos as an influencer

You can share your latest purchases or products received as part of press relations on social media! There are a few things to take into account:

  • Use a quality camera or smartphone to make the video. This might seem obvious but it’s really important. No one will watch your unboxing to the end if the video quality is bad.
  • Invest in a tripod. There are many tripods with lights, also known as ring lights, available for around 25 pounds. These allow you to both get the perfect lighting for your video and free up your hands for the unboxing. It’s clearly much harder to open packages with one hand!

Tease your unboxing video Want to know a great way to engage your audience on Instagram? Make a good teaser. Take a picture of the sealed package, post it as a story, and use a poll to ask your audience whether you should open it now or later! Your followers will love to be involved and you’ll get interaction in the story.

  • Utilise storytelling! Introduce the brand, website or product, before you start unboxing. The idea of this teasing is to offer a little taste of what’s to come and build anticipation.
  • Begin the unboxing: share your first impressions upon opening the package and show the item on screen.
  • Product presentation: present the product(s) you’ve ordered or received as part of press relations. You can also choose to test or try them right away! Many fashion influencers do hauls and unboxing videos and try on the clothes they receive one by one. This allows you to pad out the video!

For an example, check out Youtuber Marques Brownlee, who has more than 16 million subscribers, and recently uploaded an unboxing video showcasing the various new iPhone 13 models.

Promote your video

To ensure that your unboxing video gets a lot of views, don’t forget to use a catchy title on YouTube. Hashtags are also very useful on Google’s social network, as well as on Instagram and TikTok.

To learn more check our articles on Instagram and TikTok hashtags to help you choose the best hashtags.

Make sure to also promote your unboxing video on all your social networks! This’ll allow you to be seen by as many people as possible!

Find out more

Want to promote your products or online store? Consider unboxing videos! To be put in touch with influencers and carry out successful influencer marketing campaigns, don’t hesitate to contact Influence4You!

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