How To Get Verified on Instagram

How To Get Verified on Instagram

How To Get Verified on Instagram

Before 2018 it was almost impossible to get verified on Instagram unless you were either a superstar or a very large company. Getting verified allows you to have a little blue check next to your account name. The process, while far from easy and not always successful, is now open to everyone. Influence4You is here to tell you everything you need to know about Instagram verified accounts and gives you tips on how to go about it.


Why get Instagram verified?

A verified badge on Instagram is an official verification. For users of the social network, it is assurance that you’re on the right page and not dealing with a fake account. The precious blue logo represents a mark of trust for Instagram enthusiasts, professional or not. It is also a guarantee of security as you are protected against identity theft thanks to certification. This will allow you to easily remove and permanently delete unofficial accounts.

This clearly recognizable and identifiable symbol allows accounts that have it to gain visibility and boost their engagement rates. Indeed, the Instagram algorithm favors verified accounts in search results.


Gain credibility

The difficulty of obtaining this validation badge explains its value within the community, and will allow its holder to gain credibility, something that’s essential for a brand or an influencer.

Be careful, however, as Instagram specifies on its dedicated page that “a verified badge is not a symbol to show importance, authority, or subject matter expertise” and that “while many public figures verify their account on Instagram, not all public figures have verified badges.”


Rules to follow to qualify for Instagram’s verified badge

First, you have to respect the terms and conditions of use of Instagram and the Community Rules of Instagram. Your account must also be:

  • Genuine: that is, it must represent a real person, company or registered entity. Proof of identity for a natural person will be requested, and any document that can prove the existence of the company (tax return, deed of establishment or proof of address).
  • Unique: represent the unique presence of the person or company. A person or company must only have one verified account, with the exception of language-specific accounts. Instagram does not verify accounts “related to general interests” (for example, an account that features photos of cute puppies). Your content also needs to be unique and reflect the best image of you or your company to have better luck in the process.
  • Complete: your account must be public, include a complete bio with your website, e-shop or other source, but must not have links to other networks. The profile should have a suitable profile picture and it goes without saying that the account must be active at the time of application.
  • Notable: this is perhaps the most confusing part of what the social network requires. In fact, your account must represent a “highly searched for” person, brand or known entity. The team dedicated to Instagram verification will indeed look at whether or not your person, brand or entity appears in search results on the internet, and in the news. Please note that paid and sponsored content are not considered as sources to be reviewed.

To avoid disappointment know that just because your Facebook or Twitter account is verified doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to get Instagram verified.


Apply for certification of your Instagram account

You can request verification from the application or your account on the site in the settings section. You will then have to fill out a full form and attach proof of identity. You can follow all the steps of the process here. The application process is actually really quick.

  • Log in to the account for which you want to get a Verified badge.
  • Press instagram-user-profile or your profile picture on the bottom right to access your profile.
  • Press three lines stacked on top of each other in the upper right corner, then a symbol circle gear Settings.
  • Click on Account, then click on Request Verification.
  • Enter your full name and provide the type of identification requested (different if you are an individual or a company)
  • Follow the instructions on screen.

If you’re eligible, the Instagram team will confirm your precious blue checkmark. This allocation is not final. If you provide false or misleading information, violate the site’s rules, or fail to maintain your account, the site reserves the right to remove the Verified badge and may even deactivate the account.

If the request is unsuccessful, you may reapply within 30 days. We do not recommend making multiple requests without waiting for a response or this one-month period, as you may be banned from future requests.


What if my application for certification is unsuccessful?

If your application is unsuccessful, you’ll need to persevere. Influence4You offers some tips that can help you improve and get the blue badge:

  1. Promote your Instagram account

You can include a link to your Instagram profile on your other social media accounts, website or any other website. This will create buzz on your Instagram account. Don’t forget to include for example a link to your Instagram account in the email signature. It may seem like a detail, but those already in contact with you or your company will know directly where to find you. The same goes for newsletters or blog posts if you have one.

Some even go so far as to list their Instagram page on materials like packaging, business cards or at the point of sale if you have them. You can also share your Instagram account during events which can bring in new visitors. This will increase your traffic and thus your credibility with Instagram. You’ll surely gain many subscribers in the process, so take advantage of this tip!


  1. Work on your photo feed and your profile

By using the same filter in all your publications, you’ll be sure to have a feed with a uniform tone and remain consistent with your image or that of your company. This creates a professional appearance which is essential for your legitimacy.

Your bio should include relevant keywords and show off your personality. Make sure you have an effective profile picture. If you are a company, it will be your company logo. If you’re an individual choose a photo that showcases you and meets the Instagram criteria for the circle format.

Your username should also be the same as on other platforms on the Internet. The goal is to be consistent in your communication and for users to find you easily.


  1. Link to your website

If you have a website like an e-shop, don’t hesitate to insert it in the bio. This will allow Instagram to see the quality of your site during a future verification. Do not include links to other social networks as Instagram may directly reject the request.

Made these changes and now feel ready? Then go ahead and try again! Perseverance and patience are key in this process, but it’s worth it!

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